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3 December, 2014 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

We like to receive the page of photographs of the members of the Vance team that is sent out each year in December. This is a special year for them as they celebrate their 43rd year of auctions. The leaflet that came with the latest auction catalogue stated “the market for fine stamps and postal history remains strong.” This is encouraging for us collectors.

We start off with our review of this latest auction with this beautiful 1900 cover from Kingston Ontario to Chicago Illinois.

Lot 5167
Scott 47
Estimate $1,000
Realized $875

This was described as a very rare 50¢ widow’s weeds single franking cover. It certainly was special in every way. We noted the careful positioning of the stamp and the perfectly executed cancellations. When we see a cover like this, we wonder if those who created it were conscious of what they were doing and how much we would appreciate their efforts 114 years later!

8¢ Small Queen


Lot 5849
Scott 44
Estimate $200
Realized $208

We find it interesting when a seriously off-centre stamp with dark cancellations and nibbled perforations sells for a high price, even beating its estimate. Its value, as described by Vance, comes from the fact that it was “the first example of this cancel that we have seen in an 8¢ Small Queen in our 40+ years of auctions.” In short, the value is in the Nicaragua Coat of Arms fancy cork cancellation and that is something probably only a specialist would recognize. It makes the average collector wonder how a tiny mark on a stamp can be so mysteriously special.


Collection of 8¢ Small Queens

Lot 5850
Scott 44
Estimate $100
Realized $118

This lot consisted of a collection of 8¢ Small Queens all selected for their nice CDS and split-ring town cancels. We are pleased to see the continuing demand for well cancelled stamps like these.

7¢ Edward


Lot 6043
Scott 92
Estimate $75
Realized $100

Speaking of well cancelled stamps, here’s another beauty that sold for more than its estimate. There’s nothing “normal” about this stamp. It had enormous margins and an SON Port Sydney 20 July, 1911 split ring cancel. Vance called it the largest example of this stamp they have ever seen. We can only agree!

3 ¢ Parliament Building

Lot 6208
Unitrade 143c
Catalogue $480
Realized $390

This imperforate block was described as very rare VF NH and possibly unique. Its value was in its uniqueness, because otherwise it was a bit off centre. Therefore, we were a bit surprised when it sold for a relatively low price. It underlines the fact that there can be good opportunities in each auction.


Back of the Book


LLot 6572
Scott C5b
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $880

Lot 6602
Scott E6a
Catalogue $950
Realized $875

We finish with these two lovely imperforate pairs, both of which were VF NH. They were extra special coming from the edge of the sheet. We so admire the designs in these air mail and special delivery stamps.

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Vance's next sale will take place on January 28, 2015

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