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22 October, 2014 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Your editor is still in recovery mode as he catches up with the results of the October and November sales that took place during his annual Florida vacation. This Vance mail sale had some real beauties and two new record prices.

We start off with this rare single Imperforate beaver:

Lot 5027
Scott 15a
Estimate $3,500
Realized $2,550

This Imperforate normally comes as a pair and, as such, would have a catalogue value of $14,000. But it was a single which is unlisted, so Vance provided an estimate of $3,500 for this single copy. It came with a 2007 Greene certificate which is significant for “single” Imperforates. We have not recorded a sale of an imperforate pair since 1997. But 3 singles have been recorded since then and their prices ranged from $1,050 to $1,100.

6¢ Small Queen


Lot 5204
Scott 43
Estimate $100
Realized $135


We liked the looks of this used 6¢ Small Queen with its enormous margins. It is so rare to see this combination of perfect centering and large margins. One can only sit back and admire it. A regular used copy has a Scott value of $6.50.

Exceptional Used Jubilees


Lot 5240
Scott 53
Estimate $150
Realized $205

Lot 5296
Scott 65
Estimate $1,600
Realized $1,450

The first lot consisted of 28 copies of exceptional handpicked 3¢ Jubilees. The one shown above is fully dated and is as nice as they come. The $5 Jubilee is a single stamp and has a light magenta cancel. It sold for well over its $1,000 Scott value.


3¢ Admiral – Double Surcharge


Lot 5578
Scott 140a
Catalogue $400
Realized $470

We must admit we thought this stamp would not do well in this sale when we first saw it, because of the straight edge at the bottom. But, to our surprise, it sold for a record price. It was VF NH. Is it rare? Well it must be, because we have only recorded one other copy sold since 2006.

20 ¢ Airmail Imperforate Pair

Lot 6098
Scott E3a
Catalogue $275
Realized $355

We were impressed by the quality of this NH vertical pair and the strong price it sold for. These pairs appear regularly at auction both fully and partially imperforate. The best price in the past 10 years was $378 for a fully imperforate pair, back in 2008.


Attractive Perfins


Lot 6273
Scott OA248
Catalogue $150
Realized $230

Lot 6281
Scott O246
Catalogue $250
Realized $190


Isn’t it amazing how valuable these otherwise common stamps are with their perfin holes. The first one was a used VF copy and sold for well more than catalogue. The second was VF NH and didn’t do as well. It is hard for us to judge how good these prices are as it is such a specialized area.

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This auction had 2 new record prices:

Previous NRP
5¢ Beaver - imperforate single
2¢ on 3¢ double surcharge

Vance's next sale will take place on January 29, 2015

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