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25 June, 2014 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

There probably aren’t many of our viewers who could boast about owning a block of 15 of the 15¢ Large Queen. Well, there was one in this sale and it was just one of the many significant blocks that we noticed.


Lot 5486
Scott 30
Estimate $4,500
Realized $3,650


This block was described as follows:
• F, never hinged with a few separated perfs.
• The UR stamp had an interesting printing flaw resulting in a goose egg on the Queen’s neck
• There is a partial print imprint at the bottom
• The LR stamp is faulty.

The trouble with blocks in our experience is that they are often a mix of good stamps and bad. As a result, it is hard to put a proper value on them. And, the more mixed the quality, the fewer people will be interested in bidding on them. On the other hand, how many people own a block like this!

Maple Leafs


Lot 5644
Scott 70
Estimate $70
Realized $160

Vance was probably delighted that the successful bid price for this stamp was more than double the estimate. What a treasure this stamp is with its enormous “boardwalk” margins. Vance modestly described it as “a spectacular stamp and the largest we have ever seen of this issue.”


Lot 5654
Scott 72
Estimate $50
Realized $92

Another strong price, but this stamp was not valued for its large borders nor its centering. What made it special was its cancellation, so clear and nicely dated and, as Vance explained, the town cancel was rare.

Edward VII


Lot 5724
Scott 89
Catalogue $87
Realized $265


We didn’t think this price could have been beaten in the past, but earlier on in 2007 a copy of the stamp sold for $291 and this has remained the top price since then. The stamp was NH and had noticeably large margins.



Lot 5808
Scott 108c
Catalogue $120
Realized $150

Lot 5838
Scott 114
Catalogue $50
Realized $215

These two exceptional Admirals were both NH and sold for strong prices.


Lot 5869
Scott 122a
Catalogue $3,600
Realized $3,100


This stamp is beautiful to look at and is NH. Unfortunately, it was described as having a light gum bend and this likely explains the relatively low price.

George V – Imperforate Pairs


Lot 6049
Scott 196c
Catalogue $360
Realized $335

Lot 6050
Scott 197b
Catalogue $360
Realized $340

These two pairs were NH and came with very nice balanced margins.

Modern Imperforate


Lot 6311
Scott 1945b
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $988

The price realized is consistent with prices in earlier sales in the period 2007- 2009.


Perfin Varieties

Lot 6526
Scott OA104
Estimate $150
Realized $120

Lot 6548
Scott OAC3
Realized $775


These perfins never cease to amaze us. As regular stamps, their values are modest to say the least. As well, they are not perfectly centered. But who cares, because upon inspection you will note the perfin holes only show up in the bottom stamps, none on top. This makes them unusually rare and highly sought after.

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This auction had 3 new record prices:

Previous NRP
40¢ Flag, imperforate pair
6¢ on 5¢ Airmail
20¢ Special Delivery, impeforate


Vance's next sale will take place on August 27, 2014

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