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19 March, 2014 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

We often wonder where all the NH stamps came from that were issued before 1950 and have no hinge marks. Didn't all collectors use hinges back in those days? This sale had many valuable old stamps, some with hinges and some with none. The price differentials are usually quite noticeable, but not always. Usually there are noticeable premiums for regular NH stamps issued before 1935 but few premiums for the imperforate stamps and other varieties before then.

We start off with these two Large Queens:


Lot 5658
Scott 21
Catalogue $80
Realized $70

We liked the centering on this ½¢ Large Queen. It was XF and very lightly cancelled.

Lot 5725
Scott 29d
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $1,060

This imperforate pair was VF OG and came with excellent margins. But for some reason, collectors do not get turned on by this particular variety and, unless it is NH or from the sheet margin, it usually sells for less than its catalogue value.


2¢ Small Queen - Imperforate Pair


Lot 5750
Scott 36a
Catalogue $800
Realized $665

This imperforate pair was a real beauty and had nice large margins. Unfortunately, there was no mention in the description of whether it had any gum. This probably accounts for the modest price.


$1 Admiral

Lot 6109
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $875


The normal colour for the $1 Admiral is orange. The above stamp is the deep orange variety and it came with a 1998 Greene Foundation certificate. It was VF NH. The price realized of $875, while well less than catalogue, in the 2nd best price we have recorded in the past 10 years.


50¢ & $1 Arch – Imperforate Pairs


Lot 6271
Scott 176a
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $750

Lot 6279
Scott 177a
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $930


Both these imperforates were lightly hinged and very nice examples. We don’t usually show hinged stamps for this period 1930-31, but were interested to see how they did vs. catalogue. We think the prices were solid.


5¢ George V - Imperforate Between

Lot 6317
Scott 199a
Catalogue $2,250
Realized $1,680

It is not often you see this imperforate pair so well centered. It is usually too high or too low. This is as nice a copy as we have seen. It was VF NH and scarce as only 50 pairs exist.


O.H.M.S. Perfins


Lot 6753
Scott OA144
Estimate $200
Realized $220

Lot 6757
Scott OA226
Catalogue $140
Realized $75


Here we have a couple of perfins. As can be seen, one of them attracted a strong price, the other a modest one. Perhaps because the first one is VF NH and the other just a bit off centre.

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Vance's next sale will take place on May 7, 2014

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