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30 January, 2014 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

We pay careful attention to the comments auction houses make in the material they include with their catalogues for clues as to how the markets are doing. Comments like the following give us an idea of how Vance feels:

"2013 was another extremely busy and very exciting year for us here at Vance auctions. We have continued the trend to increase the quality, size, and scope of our auction lots. More lots than ever are illustrated in our printed catalogue and at our web site. New collections that are arriving every week will provide many interesting lots for you to bid on in 2014…….. The market for fine stamps and postal history continues to be very strong. I follow recent auction realizations at sales both in North America and overseas, and prices seem to be as firm as ever. Some high-end material has been selling at record levels.

As you will see in the comments as follow, excellent material is indeed being offered by auctioneers these days. Who would have thought that in one year alone, two copies of the extremely rare Scott 32, the 2¢ large Queen, would appear at auction. This is what is happening in 2014. In the present sale, a good indication of the state of the market is the fact that there were 9 new record prices.

We start off with this early imperforate pair issued in 1859. All the imperforates of this set were issued without gum:


Lot 5402
Scott 19b
Catalogue $4,750
Realized $6,450

This copy was from the right margin of the sheet and had a very interesting line on the left stamp, presumably from a plate crack. It is highly undervalued as only 50 pairs are known. It came with a 1981 Philatelic Foundation Certificate.

½¢ Jubilee - Beautiful Used Copy

Lot 5549
Scott 50
Catalogue $120
Realized $165

As our viewers will have noticed, we have great admiration for early well centered stamps like this that are beautifully cancelled. This one had a neat Toronto CDS cancel and was XF. We have seen many mint well centered copies of this stamp, but not many used copies that are not only well centered but have such a beautiful cancellation.

Imperforates from the Maple Leaf Set

Lot 5629
Scott 69a
Catalogue $1,450
Realized $1,900

Lot 5637
Scott 71a
Catalogue $1,450
Realized $1,675

Both the above copies were VF NH. As can be seen, the original owner cut them from the sheet carefully to give unusually large margins. The colours really stand out and the prices were strong.


$1 Admiral Lathework Block


Lot 5877
Scott 122
Catalogue $2,250
Realized $1,050

This was a deep orange dry printing block with full Type D lathework. It was VF NH, described by Vance as "an outstanding showpiece". But although it was rare and unusual, it received what we consider to be a modest price. We don't understand why, but for some reason collectors do not fancy this stamp. There are many other stamps from the Admiral set that receive new record prices on a regular basis but the $1 stamp is an exception. It's almost as though there were a conspiracy.


3¢ Scroll - Record Price

Lot 5967
Scott 151
Catalogue $55
Realized $185


Unlike the above $1 Admiral, the 3¢ stamp from the Scroll Set is much sought after by collectors and when it is in XF NH condition like this one, it attracts strong bidding. The previous record price for this stamp was $97, set in 2002. As can be seen above, that record has now doubled. This is impressive.

Imperforates from the Arch Set

Lot 6011
Scott 175a
Catalogue $1,050
Realized $1,625


Lot 6014
Scott 176a
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $1,625

Lot 6019
Scott 177a
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $1,445


These three imperforate pairs are ones that have appeared a number of times in Vance sales. All three were VF NH. The prices realized were very strong and that for the 20¢ pair set a new record. We find these stamps very attractive.


Special Delivery Imperforates

Lot 6298
Scott E6a
Catalogue $950
Realized $1,110

Lot 6299
Scott E8a
Catalogue $950
Realized $985

Lot 6301
Scott E10a
Catalogue $950
Realized $970


Again all three above imperforate pairs were VF NH. Two of them sold for new record prices. You will note that much of the material in our report on this sale consists of imperforate pairs. This seems to be an area that Vance is very successful in promoting and the prices reflect this.


Canadian OHMS Perfins

We have noticed the recent trend by Canadian auctioneers to increasingly include perfin stamps in their sales. Here are two from this sale:

Lot 6418
Scott O157
Estimate $400
Realized $385


This first one, a vertical pair of the 20¢ Harvesting, is most unusual in that the top stamp is without a perfin. We don't know how the auctioneer managed to come up with an estimate for it, but clearly it was pretty accurate. We do not recall seeing a variety like this before.


Lot 6421
Scott OA175
Estimate $450
Realized $585


The second pair is similarly unusual with no perfin in the top stamp. In this case, the bidders took the price to a level well above the auctioneer’s estimate. This would please both the previous owner who received a good price for the stamps and the auctioneer whose fee would, of course, be better than expected.

For more details of this sale, we invite you to click on the highlights button.


This sale had 9 new record prices:

Previous NRP
17¢ Cartier imperforate pair
3¢ Maple Leaf imperforate pair
10¢ Edward VII imperforate pair
3¢ Scroll
20¢ Arch imperforate pair
6¢ Pearson imperforate block
20¢ Special delivery imperforate pair
10¢ Special delivery imperforate pair
5¢ Registered imperforate pair


Vance's next sale will be on March 19, 2014

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