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4 December, 2013 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

I liked the way Vance described our interest in collecting stamps. It takes me back to my youth when I first started to have an interest in the hobby. He writes:

"Every collector has special reasons for enjoying the stamp collecting hobby. Philately can be a great way to spend family time together, or make lasting friendships at a local stamp club. Stamps and postal history open up the windows of the world by introducing us to far away countries, foreign languages and different cultures. A philatelist can be a world traveler without ever leaving home."

Thank you Vance Carmichael!

Tom Burpee
Canadian Stamp Auctions


Returning to the auction, it offered this VF rare strip of three of the ½ pence rose, issued in 1857:

Lot 5390
Scott 8
Catalogue $2,100
Realized $1,350


It had a beautiful deep rich colour and was lightly cancelled. It is ex Carey, Fox and King. It must be very special for the new owner to be able to say that he or she now owns stamps that once graced those well known collections.


Large Queens - Two Varieties

Lot 5522
Scott 29
Estimate $350
Realized $245

One can plainly see the "A. Co” of the perfin used by the Sun Life Assurance Company. The full perfin for this company would be ”S.L.A. Co.” What an interesting stamp. It forms part of the Large Queen set first issued in 1869. This gives us an idea of how early perfins began to be used in Canada. The purpose of putting the holes in these stamps was to protect the owners from their theft and resale by employees.

Lot 5528
Scott 29b
Catalogue $130
Realized $115

What a lovely copy of this stamp. It is the red lilac shade, beautifully centered, XF and with a light cancel.


Valuable Used Stamps

Here are a few of the early used stamps that attracted the bidders’ attention and sold for good prices:


Lot 5645
Scott 57
Catalogue $120
Realized $105

Lot 5683
Scott 64
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $750


Lot 5747
Scott 82
Catalogue $25
Realized $76

Lot 5793
Scott 92
Catalogue $4
Realized $90

The last one, ie, the 7¢ Edward VII, was most unusual and, as Vance noted, was the largest copy they have ever seen on this issue. We agree and cannot recall anything like it.


10¢ Mountie - Broken Leg Variety

Lot 6095
Unitrade 223ii
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $4,000

This bottom margin block of the 10¢ Mountie was VF LH. The lower right stamp had the ‘Broken Leg’. The block sold for a solid price but not a record. Our review of prices for this variety shows that there is substantial demand for it and high prices like this are not unusual.


Airmail Perfin Blocks

Lot 6516
Scott OCE1
Catalogue $240
Realized $96

Lot 6517
Scott OCE3
Catalogue $400
Realized $150

Here is something we do not recall seeing previously. Two airmail plate blocks with OHMS perfins. There is evidence of renewed interest in this special area of collecting, but the prices, as evidenced above, are not impressive. We are not sure why this is.


Early Cover from Montreal to New York

Lot 5020
Scott 4 & 8
Estimate $10,000
Realized $7,500

Here is how Vance described this rare cover:

"4, 8 (strip of 3, pair, single) Mainly with large margins tied by 4-Ring ‘21’cancels on neat cover from Montreal 20 Dec 1858 to New York. Has red curved ‘PAID’ h/s. The stamps pay the correct 6 pence rate. The back flap has nice embossed Montreal hardware merchant’s cachet. VF condition. This cover is illustrated in ‘Gems of Canadian Philately’, page 18. A spectacular Canada pence cover and one of the nicest we have ever offered in our auctions. Ex Robertson and Cantor. Has 1977 Friedl certificate."

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Vance's next sale will take place on January 30, 2014

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