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17 October, 2013 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

The people at Vance Auctions are sounding upbeat these days. These comments accompanied their latest auction catalogue:

“Collections, accumulations, and estate lots have been flowing into our offices at a nonstop rate. Some acquisitions have come in one or two albums, while others have come in many cartons. Three different holdings required a van to transport. We are now busy with the task of processing all of this new material, some of which is in the enclosed October catalogue.”

On opening the catalogue, we quickly noticed this beautifully centered 1¢ Victoria, issued in 1859. It was printed on very thick paper which has a catalogue value in Unitrade that is four times that for the regular stamp:


Lot 5122
Scott 14ii
Unitrade $500
Realized $450


Although it sold for less than catalogue, it did establish a new record price. It had a neat Goderich split ring CDS and came with a 2013 Greene certificate.

Lot 5165
Scott 20
Catalogue $300
Realized $445


Here is another well centered stamp. It was issued in 1864 and had a SON 4-Ring 39 cancel. There was some slight staining on the reverse.


20¢ Small Queen – Beautifully Cancelled


Lot 5291
Scott 46
Catalogue $125
Realized $107


This was quite a bargain for the collector who successfully bid for it. It was well centered and had as nice a cancel as one could ever wish for. Stamps like this really impress us!

Quebec Tercentenary

Lot 5457
Scott 97
Catalogue $62
Realized $240


The main feature we noted about this 1¢ stamp was its great centering. It was impressive and received a strong price as a consequence.


Lot 5468
Scott 101
Catalogue $500
Realized $690


Not only were the stamps in this block all well centered, but the block was beautifully and carefully cancelled. Who could ask for more! Vance described it as “the nicest used block of this stamp we have seen.”


UEL Imperforate Pair

Lot 5724
Scott 209a
Catalogue $2,100
Realized $2,400


Here we have one of our favorite imperforate pairs that appear regularly at auction. The price is strong and would have been a record, but back in 2008, a similar pair sold at a Vance auction for $2,550. The stamp, which was issued in 1934, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists in Canada following the American Revolution.

1938 Pictorial Issue


Lot 5766
Scott 243a
Catalogue $675
Realized $820

Lot 5769
Scott 244a
Catalogue $675
Realized $950

We couldn’t help notice that the margins on these pairs were far more generous than one normally sees with these imperforates. All the above pairs are just a few of the many high quality imperforates that were offered in this sale and the above two commanded record prices.

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This sale had 2 new record prices:

Previous NRP
1¢ Queen Victoria
10¢-$1 Pictorial imper



Vance's next sale will take place on January 30, 2014

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