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28 August , 2013 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

A recent visit to a local stamp dealer made us think of how hard it might be to be a dealer these days because so many collectors are now buying and selling on the internet. We regret this as collectors will miss the pleasure of visiting their dealers where they can talk about their stamps and the market in general. It was my dealer who stressed the importance of always buying quality. It was an important lesson. Getting this type of advice doesn’t come readily on the internet where your fingers to all the walking.

On the other hand, when you buy on the internet, you are dealing with many dealers and auction houses, so there is greater scope and greater choice. More importantly, when it comes time to sell, the auctioneers can put your stamps in front of hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers. This is a real plus.

In this Vance sale, we spotted these two little beauties from Canada’s first Cents Issue of 1859:


Lot 4998
Scott 18
Catalogue $120
Realized $345

Lot 5001
Scott 18a
Catalogue $125
Realized $240

The stamps feature a portrait of a young Victoria. The first copy was in the regular yellow green shade and was described as “an exceptional stamp with 4 large jumbo margins, lightly cancelled, XF.” It is a beauty and sold for almost 3x catalogue.

The second was in the blue green shade with four huge jumbo margins and it was lightly canceled. It sold for almost 2x catalogue. We think most people would be quite happy with these results.


3¢ Large Queen – Valuable Cancels

Lot 5060
Scott 25
Estimate $80
Realized $104

Lot 5061
Scott 25
Estimate $200
Realized $420


A used 3¢ Large Queen is one of the more common stamps in this set and has a catalogue value of $35. Our guess is that few 3¢s would attract this price. But here are two that are off centre and they have heavy cancels right in the middle of the Queen’s image. But, those cancels are what make those stamps valuable and probably only Large Queen specialists and cancellation specialists know this. Even Vance’s estimates were on the low interesting !

The first copy has a “cogwheel” cancel. The second has a nice 2-Ring ‘22’ (Galt RF9). We have no idea what these terms mean, although we can guess at the first one.


15¢ Large Queen - Large Margins


Lot 5090
Scott 30
Catalogue $95
Realized $400


This Large Queen is a more conventional stamp with large margins and beautiful centering. It is VF, OG and LH and it attracted a very solid price. Earlier this year, a NH copy sold for $473.


10¢ Jubilee with Immense Margins

Lot 5202
Scott 57
Catalogue $120
Realized $280


These are the largest margins we can remember for a 10¢ Jubilee. They are truly remarkable. The stamp has a hinge remnant.


Quebec Tercentenary - Imperforate Pairs


Lot 5339
Unitrade 96ii
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $535


Lot 5342
Unitrade 97ii
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $890



Both or these imperforates came without gum. This is normal for this set whose imperforates come both with and without gum.

10¢ Mountie Imperforate


Lot 5629
Scott 223a
Catalogue $340
Realized $410


What a gorgeous stamp this is. It was XF NH and, as is obvious, it came with large margins. Only 150 pairs exist and, as Vance notes, it is one of the finest.


Block with Missing Surcharge


Lot 5859
Scott C3d
Catalogue $2,700
Realized $1,750


This variety must be very rare as we have only recorded one pair so far and no blocks. As is usual for varieties like this, it really doesn’t matter whether they are centered or not. In this block, the upper left stamp was LH, the others were NH. The block came with a 1982 Certificate.

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Vance is next sale will take place on October 17, 2013

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