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8 May , 2013 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Vance Auctions is located in Smithville in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula. The town has only one stop light. As Vance notes “Most people who drive through town are on their way to somewhere else.” It sounds like a nice quiet place to work on stamps!

We have noted recently the demand that exists for some of the early outstanding used Canadian stamps and found a few nice ones in this sale. Here are two of them:

Lot 5191
Scott 50
Catalogue $120
Realized $325


This one featured unusually large margins. It is interesting to note that a similar used ½¢ Jubilee sold in an earlier Vance sale for an even higher price of $368.


Lot 5202
Scott 53
Catalogue $10
Realized $54


What an impressive block this is, so nicely canceled.

Sir Wilfred Laurier


Lot 5458
Unitrade 144c
Catalogue $1,920
Realized $950


Wilfred Laurier became Canada’s prime minister in 1896. This beautifully centered imperforate block of 16 was issued to honor him and is one of the largest known multiples. Most large blocks like this have been made into smaller blocks and pairs.

Man on the Mast Variety


Lot 5501
Unitrade 158iii
Catalogue $5,700
Realized $3,550


Finding the little “Man on the Mast” is not easy. For those with patience or with a magnifying glass, he is found in the top stamp at the top of the forward mast on the right hand side. It isn’t really a man, but a simple very short line.

This was a VF NH copy that sold for the second highest price in our records in the past 10 years. It is also the first we have recorded in the past 3 years.

Two Beautiful Imperforates


Lot 5604
Scott 225a
Catalogue $340
Realized $460

Lot 5607
Scott 226a
Catalogue $450
Realized $380

They don’t come much nicer than this. Both copies were VF NH and came from the edge of the sheet.


Modern Imperforates

Lot 5855
Unitrade 1453i
Catalogue $ 1,250
Realized $710


We have recorded only one other sale of this variety. It was a block that sold for $1150 in 2011, or $575 a pair. So this is a new record. Even so, the price is well below catalogue, probably because this copy was described as having a tiny surface mark on the right stamp.

Lot 5858
Unitrade 1676ii
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $675


This pair was VF NH and came with a 2012 Gratton Certificate. Like the above, it sold for a low price compared to catalogue, but a record price nonetheless.


Lot 5871
Unitrade 2103ai
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,075


What a spectacular block this is. The stamps were issued in 2005. We have recorded three other blocks like this sold between 2011 and 2013. The first one to appear back in 2011, sold for $1,250

United States

Lot 3823
Scott 239
SMQ $1,300
Realized $1,380


This unusually fine U.S. stamp was NH and well centered. It came with a 1986 Philatelic Foundation Certificate and was graded XF 90.

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This sale had 5 new record prices:

Previous NRP
14¢ QE II "White Queen"
48¢ Christmas, imperforate pair
4¢ Oyster, imperforate pair
52¢ Reindeer, imperforate booklet
2¢ War Tax


Vance's next auction will take place on June 26, 2013.

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