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20 March , 2013 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Although we concentrate our efforts on the Canadian section of each auction, we also look for interesting items in other countries. In this sale, we spotted an unusual U.S. stamp that sold for an impressive price. Here it is:


Postmaster Provisional

Lot 3882
Scott 7XI
Catalogue $50,000
Realized $23,000


The detailed description was as follows “extremely rare genuine example of the 1846 Millbury U.S. Postmaster Provisional. The Millbury is one of the most sought after provisionals and is seldom offered anywhere. This is a fine used copy with slight red circular cancel. A light crease and some thin spots do not detract from this world class rarity. Has 1985 Philatelic Foundation Certificate.”

Canadian Stamps

ot 4940
Scott 4a
Catalogue $250
Realized $440

Lot 4955
Unitrade 4iii
Catalogue $850
Realized $1,150


Here are two early beaver stamps of very good quality. The first one is “brown red” rather than the regular “red”. It had excellent margins and a neat SON target cancel.

The second one had even better margins, which Vance called boardwalk margins. You might think this is what is so special about this stamp and clearly it is. But what we found equally significance was the fact that we had no previous record of this variety. So for us, it is quite rare. The variety is called the “three pence beaver on hard wove ribbed paper”. It must have attracted some serious bidding judging from the price realized.


2¢ Small Queen - Double Impression


Lot 5114
Unitrade 36f
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $4,850


These early stamps with double impressions are very valuable. It little matters if they are off centre like this one. Vance notes that there are only three examples recorded, including just one used. This variety receives high prices at auction. In 2007, a copy sold for $6,720, and in 2012, another one sold for $5,500.

Very Nice Used Copies


Lot 5146
Scott 46
Catalogue $100
Realized $118

Lot 5159
Scott 50
Catalogue $120
Realized $165


Lot 5190
Scott 57
Catalogue $120
Realized $195

Lot 5221
Scott 63
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $825


What beauties these are. We seldom see used copies this nice. We look with admiration at the large borders and also the cancellations so carefully placed.


Quebec Tercentenary Imperforates


Lot 5334
Scott 96a
Catalogue $1,300
Realized $1,660


This block is from the set issued in 1908 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of Quebec by Champlain in 1608. It was VF OG and had nice borders.


Lot 5344
Scott 99a
Catalogue $1,300
Realized $1,525


The above block was VF OG. Normally we don’t list these imperforates unless they are NH, but the price in this case was very strong and worthy of note.

84¢ Christmas Stamps

Lot 5794
Unitrade 1454i
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $1,325


Vance described this as “Imperforate between pair of the 84¢ Christmas. Has the accent over ‘0’ of ‘Noel’ instead of ‘E’. Only one other creased pair of this variety is known. The Pair is from a recent discovery and is pristine fresh VF NH.

Our records show that in 1996, a complete imperforate sheet of 50 was sold at a Sissons auction for $15,500 or $620 a pair. In 2011, a block of 4 sold for $1,150 at a Maresch auction, or $575 a pair and later that year, another pair was offered by The Saskatoon Stamp Centre for $1,250.

This completes our summary of the sale. For more details, please click on the highlights button.


This sale had 3 new record prices:

Previous NRP
1454 var.
84¢ Christmas imperforate pair
2¢ Registered, burr to right of "T"
1¢-10¢ Postage Due, imperforate pairs

Vance's next auction will take place on June 26, 2013.

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