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28 June , 2012 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

In thanking all the bidders who participated in its previous sale in May, Vance commented:

“The market for fine stamps and postal history remains strong and very active. The stamps from China and India continue to attract high volumes of bids. Canadian imperforates from the 1920s -1940s brought very aggressive bidding”.

There’s lots of interesting news here. First and foremost, the market remains strong and active. Vance reminds us that collectors in China and India are active, so keep an eye on these countries with their huge populations many of whom appear to be interested in stamps. Finally, Canadian imperforates are much sought after. These are regularly offered at Vance Auctions and, in fact, two of them sold in this sale at record prices.

We start off with this 3p Beaver:

Lot 5044
Scott 4
Catalogue $1,400
Realized $2,480


This copy had full OG and four full margins. It had a minute facial scratch and came with a 2012 Greene Foundation certificate. What a nice stamp.


Scott 8 - Never Hinged!


Lot 5079
Scott 8
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $1,270


The condition of this stamp was mixed. It was a lovely fresh copy, seldom seen in NH condition. On the other hand, the border at the bottom was very narrow. We’re pleased to see that it came with a Greene certificate. This is reassuring for a stamp issued over 150 years ago that is still NH.

Scott 88 B & C - Frodel Forgery

Lot 5426
Scott 88B &C
Estimate $250
Realized $277


We have seen fake PORT HOOD provisionals like these before on a number of occasions. Both of them were produced by André Frodel with h/s’s on the reverse. If these stamps had been genuine and on cover, they would have sold for over $15,000. Mr. Frodel must have had fun producing these. They will undoubtedly have a special place in the collection of the successful bidder.


Outstanding Imperforate Pairs


Lot 5653
Scott 177a
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $2,150

Lot 5681
Scott 203a
Catalogue $950
Realized $1,768

The prices for these VF NH imperforate pairs were certainly on the strong side. In the case of Scott 203a, the price was a new record, almost double the previous record of $940 paid in 2008. This was a major leap in value and is an example of what is happening with many of the imperforates from the 1920-1940 period.

Back of the Book - Very popular these days

Lot 5934
Scott E6a
Catalogue $950
Realized $1,190

When is the last time any of us saw a “modern imperforate” pair sell for its full catalogue value, let alone sell for more? The answer is that it’s rare. But not for these back of the book imperforates issued back in the 1930s. Their prices are strong and dependable. That is why collectors pay a lot of attention to them. And what a beauty this one is!


$2.00 Bill Stamp – Inverted center


Lot 6133
Scott FB53a
Catalogue $12,500
Realized $4,450

This stamp doesn’t have the qualities we normally look for. It is off centre, has a relatively dark cancellation and appears to have a couple of short perfs at the top. But it is one of Canada’s rare inverted stamps. This is definitely worth noting in our report as Canada has so few of these. It came with a certificate. So maybe it isn’t the best quality...on the other hand, how many of us have a Canadian stamp with an inverted centre that you could buy for only one-third of its catalogue price? This gives you bragging rights!!

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This sale had 3 new record prices:

Previous NRP
20¢ Quebec Tercentenary imper. pair
3¢ Scroll
20¢ Harvester imperf. pair

Vance's next auction will take place on August 29, 2012.

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