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9 May , 2012 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

One thing we have noticed about the Vance auction firm in recent years has been the strength of the prices realized for their imperforate stamps. These are the type of stamps that serious collectors have found attractive for a number of reasons. First, these stamps are usually in excellent condition no matter how old they are. This is because they have been owned by people who know their value and take good care of them. Second, they most often come without a hinge mark which makes them of interest to serious collectors who can afford them. Third, the pairs have usually been carefully cut from the sheet so that they have good borders. Thus centering, which is so important in a perforated stamp, is not an issue.

Because Vance has paid attention to this segment of the stamp market, it has allowed his firm to attract this material on a regular basis. As a result, they are usually high in the list of auction houses with record prices. We have concentrated our write up of this sale on some of the imperforate stamps that were presented.


2¢ Map Stamp

Lot 5497
Scott 86a
Catalogue $550
Realized $415


This lot was historic for a number of reasons. Vance provided the following description of the pair:

“Imperforate pair of the 2¢ Map mounted on very thick card. VF. This was originally sold years ago by Toronto dealer Milton Ritter from a find he made in 1944 outside the Toronto home of Postmaster Mulock (a fascinating account of the story of the imperf Maps, Ritter’s role,etc. accompanies the lot)".


Beautiful Scroll Imperforates


Lot 5711
Scott 156a
Catalogue $280
Realized $310

Lot 5714
Scott 157a
Catalogue $280
Realized $200


These two pairs from the Scroll set were VF NH and immaculate. What we admired most about them were the large margins all around. The set they come from was issued in 1928 and has proved very popular with collectors over the years. Stamps from this set have regularly posted record prices.


Scott 202a - Aggressive Bidding


Lot 5784
Scott 202a
Catalogue $950
Realized $1,580

We were somewhat surprised to see the price this pair sold for. Imperforate pairs issued in the period 1933 – 1934 have consistently sold for strong prices. In the past 10 years the prices for Scott 202a have ranged from $725 to $1,150. In this sale, the price shot up to $1,580, a good 37% above the previous record of $1,150. Such an increase is quite remarkable.

We called Vance and asked him to comment on the sale of this lot. First of all, he confirmed that the price was correct. He then went on to mention that there had been very aggressive bidding for imperforates issued in the 1930s and 1940s in this sale.


Back of the Book - Imperforate Pairs

Lot 6018
Scott C7a
Catalogue $950
Realized $810


Lot 6036
Scott E7a
Catalogue $950
Realized $875


In the past few years, the back of the book stamps (air mail, special delivery and registration stamps) have consistently attracted strong prices. For example, we were surprised to see the Scott E3 increase in the latest Scott’s catalogue from $60 to $70. This stamp has long been considered a fairly common one, easy to obtain. But two years ago, a copy sold for $160 and then another one for $190 in the same year. These latter examples of Scott 3 were, of course, perfectly centered.

In the case of the above two Imperforates, the prices realized were very strong and close to the existing record highs

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This sale had 4 new record prices:

Previous NRP
5¢-20¢ imperforate pairs
5¢-20¢ imperforate pairs
12¢ Que. Bridge imperferate pair
5¢ UPU imperforate pair

Vance's next auction will take place on June 28, 2012.

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