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13 October , 2011 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Vance Auctions is going through exciting times these days. They reported that last summer, collections, accumulations and estate lots were flowing into their offices at a non-stop rate. From Northern Ontario came a 26 carton worldwide collection. This was followed by an enormous Canada and world hoard in over 60 cartons from a customer in Toronto. Then, from Western Canada came a mammoth holding in 85 banker boxes.

We enjoy opening up their auction catalogues and spending time looking at images of stamps from all over the world. But, sticking to our mandate, we then focus on the Canadian material.

We like it sometimes where we can get away from the "VF NH" craze and find some beautifully cancelled Canadian stamps. Here are a few of particular interest:


Lot 5202
Scott 35/37
Estimate $75
Realized $150


How unusual is this? Two Small Queens each with a beautifully centered "OK" between bars in a fancy cancel. They sold for double their estimate which is impressive for two quite common stamps with a catalogue value of only $3.10.

Lot 5267
Scott 51/53
Estimate $100
Realized $167



This lot, with its gorgeous centered dates, was a hand picked lot of five 1¢ Jubiless and nine 3¢ Jubilees. It included Squared Circles from Regina Assa, Almonte, Leamington, North Bay, etc. Emsdale split-ring, Woodham split-ring and Morris Street, Halifax. It gave us such a pleasure as a philatelist to see such perfect cancellations.

Lot 5287
Scott 55
Estimate $250
Realized $355


Here we have a single Jubilee, the relatively rare 6¢ yellow brown. It is interesting how the dated cancellation shows clearly the date, 27 Oct 99, yet it is a light cancel which allows the viewer to clearly, see the stamps. Compare this to lot 5325 in this sale, the $1 Jubilee which has been struck with a "killer cancel".


3c Fathers of Confederation

Lot 5555
Scott 135a
Catalogue $600
Realized $675

What a lovely example of this imperforate pair. It is one of only 100 pairs that exist. It has no gum, as is the case for all copies of this imperforate. In the past 3 years, it has attained new record pries on 3 occasions, all at Vance sales. The price realized for this sale of $675 is a new record.


$1 Ramzey - Rare Vertical Imperforate

Lot 5715
Scott 245a
Catalogue 4,750
Realized $6,600


Here is a stamp that is far rarer than the one above. There are only 12 pairs in existence. Vance states "we have only handled one other pair like this in over 40 years of auctions. This pair came with a Greene Foundation Certificate.

We have only recorded two pairs sold in the past 10 years. In 2007 a strip of 3 sold for $6,000. A year later, in 2008, a pair sold for $6,187. So this price of $6,600 represents a new record.

For a more detailed story of Scott 245a, please see our Commentary No. 143, dated May 17, 2011.


WWII Imperforates

The sale presented a number imperforate pairs from the 1942 WWII set, Scott 249-262. Unfortunately the quality was mixed with some pairs being LH and others NH. This was too bad as almost all the pairs were taken from the sheet margin which normally adds to their value. Here is how some of the NH high value stamps did:


Lot 5734
Scott 260a
Catalogue $675
Realized $770

Lot 5737
Scott 261a
Catalogue $675
Realized $680


Lot 5741
Scott 262a
Catalogue $675
Realized $860


We were impressed by these prices. The best price for an entire set of these imperforates, set in 2008, was $5,880. This was less than the Scott Catalogue price of $7,650. Yet in this sale, all 3 of the above stamps sold for more than their catalogue values. That's impressive!

New Variety


Lot 5886
Scott 2220 Var.
Estimate $1,000
Realized $1,090


We cannot remember seeing this imperforate pair before. Vance describes it as rare and unlisted. This stamp was issued in 2007 and now, four years later, this imperforate variety appears for the first time. We will probablyl never know how this happened. Just one of those mysterious things that make stamp collecting so interesting.


Chinese Stamps Sold in Canada


As usual, the Chinese souvenir sheets proved popular with Vance's bidders. Here are 3 that stood out:

Lot 1731
Scott 1399
Catalogue $750
Realized $755

Lot 1738
Scott 1492
Catalogue $300
Realized $512


Lot 1740
Scott 1518
Estimate $3,250
Realized $2,485


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This sale had two new record prices

Previous NRP
3¢ Confederation, imperforate
$1 Ramezay, Imperforate between


Vance's next auction will take place on November 30, 2011.


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