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24 August , 2011 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Five years ago, a used copy of Scott 11, the ½p rose Queen Victoria, sold at auction for $1300. At that time, the Scott value was $1100. Now it is $1800.

In this Vance sale, a copy whose condition was described as F, sold for $350. A second copy, the one shown below, described as F+, sold for $1280. What was so special about it?


Lot 4385
Scott 11
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $1,280

The difference is that the above copy had a clear date stamp on it, 16 Mr ’59. According to Vance, this was the first dated example they had seen in years. It’s a fine example and attracted a solid bid, probably from a determined specialist in early Pence stamps.

2¢ Numeral

Lot 4676
Scott 76
Catalogue $ 70
Realized $110

It’s not often we see such a beautiful corner single like this. Take away the two margins and it would only be “almost VF” because it is centered a bit high. But with the margins, it becomes a “gorgeous single” as Vance describes it and we agree.

Numeral Overprints

"Inverted Surcharge"

Lot 4714
Scott 87
Estimate $100
Realized $77

Lot 4722
Scott 88
Catalogue $70
Realized $95


Here we see two overprints, the first is inverted and the second normal. The inverted copy was F OG with minor stains. This unusual variety is not normally recognized as genuine. According to the Unitrade, inverted overprints of Scott 87 and 88 are thought to be forgeries. Certificates of authenticity are highly recommended. But despite this, this stamp sold for almost double the Scott price for a normal one that is VF NH. Interesting!

A year ago, a similar inverted surcharge copy sold for $79. It was F and came with disturbed gum. It seems there is always a market for these curious varieties.

The “normal” copy of Scott 88 shown above sold for more than its catalogue value. But the price realized was somewhat modest, probably because of the relatively narrow margins. In 2006, a copy with next to perfect attributes sold for $220.


A Beautiful Used Admiral Coil

Lot 4868
Scott 133
Catalogue $60
Realized $60

This is one of the most valuable of the Admiral coils. We doubt there is much of the market for a used copy these days, but there should be. It was XF per Vance and a real beauty. We looked at it long and hard, knowing how rare such a copy as fine as this is and enjoyed looking at it.


A New Discovery

Lot 5264
Scott 2142a var
Estimate $400
Realized $460


Our first knowledge of this imperforate variety dates back to last May when a complete imperforate booklet pane of this stamp, issued in 2006, appeared at auction. It sold for $1495. The booklet contained 5 pairs. Whoever bought it did well as each pair cost him $300. Since the above pair sold for $460, someone did well. Of course, we are assuming the purchaser of the booklet sold the above pair.


Registered Stamps with Unusual Cancels


Lot 5335
Scott F1
Estimate $75
Realized $76

Lot 5336
Scott F1
Estimate $150
Realized $112

The regular Scott price for a used F1 is $5.75. Vance very properly disregarded this and put a more realistic estimate on each of the above stamps with their unusual cancels.

The first one, lot 5335, was described as the perfect strike. They don’t come much better. But what struck us was the fact that the stamp itself was far from perfect, off centre and with a light corner crease. Isn’t it interesting that these attributes were ignored, in favour of the strike itself. The second one had a beautifully centered “1880”. Vance described this as “a scarce cancel & rarely seen”.

Rare Newfoundland Overprints

Here are two stamps whose sale resulted in impressive prices. The first one was mint, the second one was used and on cover.

Lot 3944
Scott C5
Catalogue $12,000
Realized $7,650


This mint single was a VF nicely centered copy of the Columbia Airmail overprint. It had one nibbled perf and was a large part OG. Vance described it as one of the greatest rarities of Newfoundland.

Lot 3945
Scott C5
Catalogue $17,500
Realized $7,500

You can see that the above cover was signed by both the pilot and navigator. It was carried on a transatlantic flight to Liverpool. Only 45 of these covers exist.

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This sale had two new record prices

Previous NRP
10¢ Cartier, imperforate pair
14¢ Resources, double print


Vance's next auction will take place on October 13, 2011.

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