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26 January , 2011 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

Vance’s first auction this year was a strong one. There was a nice balance between the VF NH mint stamps and those with very collectible early cancellations. Both types attracted strong bids, resulting in three new record prices. We start off with this amazing jumbo:

Lot 5228
Scott 34
Estimate $128
Realized $136


Vance described the stamp as having enormous boardwalk margins all around, XF, light crease. Probably the largest copy of this stamp they have handled in their 38 years of presenting auctions.


House of Commons Cancels


Lot 5218
Scott 30
Estimate $100
Realized $68

Lot 5272
Scott 45
Estimate $100
Realized $86

We have noticed a larger than usual number of these House of Commons cancelled stamps being offered in the past year. The prices are solid, even for stamps that are not that well centered.

As our viewers probably know, we’re very pleased to see the bidders pay attention to used stamps that are rare like these. They can be just as scarce as the VF NH stamps that usually get most of the attention.


20¢ Small Queen – Imprint Block

Lot 5289
Scott 46
Estimate $3,500
Realized $2,900

It would have been difficult for anyone to guess what this rare showpiece would go for at auction ahead of time. The block was beautiful and reasonably centered. We are sure there are many collectors who would be proud to have one of these in their collection.

Vance noted that it was NH, which is unusual and had a catalogue value of $9,600. So, why the lower estimate? It’s probably because there were a few faults. The lower right stamp had a trifle missing gum and there were faults in the selvage. This same block sold at auction a year ago for $2,000.


Jubilees – attractive cancels

We present below three lots of Jubilees with interesting cancels:

Lot 5310
Scott 51/52
Estimate $135
Realized $137


This beautifully cancelled pair was part of a collection of 35 1¢ and 2¢ Jubilees with town cancels, squared circles, pre-cancels and some with early dates. The above pair of the 1¢ came with a lovely SON Parkdale, Toronto 24 August 1897 duplex cancel.


Lot 5317
Scott 53
Estimate $250
Realized $340


This lovely stamp came from an accumulation of 80 3¢ Jubilees selected for their postmarks. Included were many nice town cancels, squared circles, duplex cancels, and a few early cancels from the stamp’s first week of use.


Lot 5344
Scott 59
Estimate $250
Realized $133

Finally, presented above, is a 20¢ Jubilee with a SON Goderich, Ont March 1900 split ring cancel. It is a late usage for this stamp.


Modern varieties


Lot 5908
Scott 1375b var
Estimate $225
Realized $150

Lot 5909
Scott 1375c
Estimate $2,000
Realized $975


These are two varieties of the same stamp. The first stamp, showing the dark blue inscriptions that are misplaced on the stamp, sold for a surprisingly low value, even less than the estimate. This variety is not listed in Unitrade.

The second stamp shows the dark blue inscriptions completely omitted. Only 25 of these are known to exist. Although Unitrade gives it a catalogue value of $2000, it only sold for $975 and this, surprisingly, represents a new record price, beating the previous one of $865 set in 2009.


Newfoundland - de Pinedo Airmail Cover


Lot 4689
Scott C4 Cover
Estimate $20,000
Realized $20,300

This cover, postmarked St. John’s May 20, 1927, was carried aboard De Pinedo’s flight to Europe. The plane left Trepassey on the south coast of Newfoundland on May 23 en route to the Azores. The shortage of fuel caused the plane to land in the ocean 200 miles from its destination. A passing schooner towed the plane to the Azores where repairs were made. The flight then continued on to Portugal and Italy reaching Rome on June 16. This is a great Newfoundland airmail rarity which has a catalogue value of $30,000. The cover has a very fine appearance, some very minor toning and a central vertical cover crease. It came with several certificates.

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This sale had three new record prices:

Previous NRP
10¢ Parliament, imperforate pair
40¢ Flag, imperforate booklet pane
$1 Court house, missing inscriptions

Vance's next auction will take place on March 16, 2011

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