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14 October , 2010 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

As most collectors know, the 15¢ Large Queen comes in an interesting variety of shades. This sale offered five different ones. We have noted that, of all the Large Queens, the ½¢ and 15¢ are the ones that can be found most frequently centered and with no hinge marks. That is, of course, compared to all the other stamps in this set for which these attributes are extremely rare.

We liked the beauty of this 15¢ example in the rare deep blue shade:


Lot 5311
Unitrade 30e
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,660


It was centered to the right and had a slight gum disturbance.


Nice small Queens – all NH


Lot 5322
Scott 35
Catalogue $47
Realized $194

Lot 5326
Unitrade 36i
Catalogue $225
Realized $270


Lot 5329
Scott 37
Catalogue $120
Realized $410

Lot 5357
Scott 43
Catalogue $190
Realized $525


Moving from the Large to the Small Queens, we can say that it is not all that rare to find the Small Queens in NH condition. These are highly sought after by collectors of course, especially when well centered. None of the above were perfectly centered and the prices reflected this. But they were close to being centered and, for this reason sold for well above catalogue.

All of this makes us think about how hard it is to find the perfect stamp in this early period. Funnily enough, things haven’t changed that much. A review of the centering of modern perforated stamps shows that many of these are not perfectly centered either. One only has to look at a few auction catalogues to see this. So it appears that our printers’ problems with centering haven’t been completely solved in the past 120 years.


$3 Jubilee – Well Centered

Lot 5452
Scott 63
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $1,660


What a lovely used copy of the $3 Jubilee. It was described as a “gorgeous example with deep colour and jumbo margins and neat Toronto CDS cancels, XF, rarely seen this nice.”

Did you ever wonder what “CDS” means? Auctioneers like to use this description and, according to Vance, it means circular dated cancel.

14¢ Natural Resources- the Double Printed Variety


Lot 5975
Unitrade 765i/766i
Estimate $450
Realized $410


Unitrade gives a $1,200 catalogue value to this rare pair of stamps. We call them rare because our records show only one other pair being sold and that was back in 1997. They were issued to acknowledge the development of Canada’s National Resources. The top stamp shows a scene from a Cobalt Silver Mine and the bottom one, the Athabasca Tar Sands.

The variety in each of these stamps is as follows. In the top stamp, the silver inscription has been double printed, while in the lower one, it is the brown inscription that has been double printed. Each of the above stamps has creases.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what happened to this pair subsequent to being purchased in 1978? Did the buyer identify the variety right away at the Post Office or did that only happened a few years later?

Scott CE2a – Imperforate Pair


Lot 6055
Scott CE2a
Catalogue $950
Realized $835

At last, the perfect pair. It came with clean, nice borders, well centered and NH. How ironic, the perfect stamp sold for less than its catalogue value. Despite this, it set a new record price. The result is.... a happy seller who sold the stamp for a new record price... and a happy buyer who bought the stamp for less than its catalogue value.

This is the third pair that Vance has sold in the past two years, with the price advancing each time.
The stamp was issued in 1943 and was to be used for Special Delivery. 75 pairs of the imperforate variety have been recorded.

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This sale had two new record prices:

Previous NRP
14¢ Resources - double print
17¢ Special Delivery - imperforate


Vance's next auction will take place on January 26, 2011

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