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23 June , 2010 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

It always impresses us to see the huge number of Canadian stamps offered in a typical Vance sale. This one had over 2000 Canadian lots. We appreciate the fact that most of them are so nicely illustrated. This is also done in a way which allows the viewer to see both the commentary and the image of the stamp at the same time.

As we go over the results, we pick out those that we think will be of most interest to our viewers. Unfortunately, this usually centers on the best and most valuable stamps and it skips over the ordinary and less valuable. And sometimes, we miss some real gems, like the little used 8¢ Small Queen (lot 5539) buried on page 79 amongst the images of more than 160 other stamps on that page. It has a catalogue value of $4.50, but sold for $106. Not bad at 23 times catalogue.
Why did it sell for so much? It’s because of its huge borders and the fact it was perfectly centered. Stamps like this are rare and are obviously popular with collectors.


The 5¢ Beaver – Stitch Watermark

Another rare stamp, but far more valuable was this one:


Lot 5379
Unitrade 12v
Estimate $750
Realized $625


Believe it or not, the price realized for this stamp was a real bargain. The stamp itself was only in “fine” condition, it was off-center and it had a small corner crease. The value however was not in the front of the stamp, but the back where there was a stitch watermark. Vance stated “We have never seen a stitch watermark on this stamp.” We checked our research files and agree. Unitrade lists the variety in used condition and puts a price of $1500 on it.

If we were the lucky new owner, we would take steps to get this stamp certified right way to support its value and exceptional rarity.


1¢ Jubilee – Nicely Centered


Lot 5576
Scott 51
Catalogue $57
Realized $118

We could be wrong, but we think that the stamps in Canada’s Jubilee set are probably the best known of all our stamps among collectors worldwide. The above 1¢ jubilee is a great example. Over 8,000,000 of them were issued and yet it is so hard to find nicely centered copies like the above. The set was issued in 1897 to celebrate the 50th year of Queen Victoria’s reign.


5¢ Quebec Tercentenary – An Outstanding Copy!


Lot 5749
Scott 99
Catalogue $55
Realized $192


What can one say about a stamp of this quality except that it is clearly exceptional. We have never seen one with borders as large and well balanced as this. Thank goodness a collector back around 1908 noticed it and tucked it away in his or her collection!


Single Imperforates


Lot 6040
Scott 237a
Estimate $150
Realized $130

Lot 6262
Scott E2a
Estimate $175
Realized $130


Is it a coincidence, or did the same buyer acquire each stamp for $130? We recognized these two single imperforates and, after some searching, found they had previously been sold in another recent auction for $55 and $85 respectively. The price in this sale is clearly more interesting. Both stamps were lovely copies and lightly hinged.

1999 Year of the Rabbit – Two Varieties


Lot 6212
Unitrade 1767i
Estimate $5,000
Realized $2,425

Lot 6213
Unitrade 1768iv
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $960


Canadian stamps celebrating the Chinese New Year are popular with collectors and our printers have made sure we will have lots of errors to collect. Lot 6212 is a plate block with missing red and tagging. Lot 6213 is the souvenir sheet with the same errors.

Each year, we receive a Chinese New Year card from some close friends who have adopted two Chinese children . It makes us very happy to see this celebration which joins our two countries, China and Canada.

The day we wrote this commentary, we noticed we had a visit on our site from a collector in China who lives in the city of Tianjin. He spent 35 minutes on the site and viewed 30 pages. To get to our site, he goggled “valuable stamps”. We hope he will visit us again.


Special Delivery – Imperforate pair


Lot 6247
Scott CE2a
Catalogue $950
Realized $690


We end our review of the sale with this imperforate pair of special delivery stamps. As Vance notes, only 75 pairs exist. This pair was VF NH. While the price may look low when compared to catalogue, it is still the best price we have recorded at auction since 2004.


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Vance's next auction will take place on August 25, 2010

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