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17 March, 2010 - Vance Auctions Ltd.

It’s not often an Albert this fine on laid paper is offered at auction. We particularly noticed its large margins.

Lot 5564
Scott 2
Catalogue $1,850
Realized $1,660

It had strong laid lines and came with a 1977 certificate from the Royal Philatelic Society. The price of $1,660 is an average price for a used copy of this stamp.


Small Queens – 20¢ and 50¢ imperforates


Lot 5803
Scott 46a-47a
Estimate $400
Realized $322

Lot 5808
Scott 47a
Estimate $700
Realized $585


How the above stamps would do at this auction had us guessing and now that the results are in, we think they did better than expected. We do not have a record of a single imperforate copy of either stamp being sold at auction. A pair of the 20¢ sold in 2004 for $925 and a pair of the 50¢ sold in 2008 for $864. These add up to $1789 for the two pairs or $895 per single. The fact that these two singles with minor faults, heavily hinged, and with no certificate of authentication, realized $322 is not bad!

For the record, the Scott value for the 20¢ & 50¢ imperforate pairs is $1400 each, but these prices have seldom been achieved at auction. For some reason, these two imperforates are not in great demand.

We now focus on the second image, that of the 50¢ imperforate pair. It was described as VF OG, but unfortunately came with small flaws. As a collector or an investor, one would be torn between these conflicting factors. We were impressed that it realized as much as $595, vs. the above mentioned $864 for a normal pair without flaws.

We find these matters particularly interesting, and wish we knew what the bidders were thinking as they decided first, to bid, and then to chose their price.


Beautiful Numerals


Lot 5919
Scott 75
Catalogue $70
Realized $253

Lot 5920
Scott 76
Catalogue $70
Realized $111


It is always a pleasure to see stamps of this quality shown in the catalogues. When they come so well centered, one knows right away that they are special. At first we thought the 1¢ had attracted a new record price but, on checking, we found that a copy sold back in 2007 for $458.

The 1¢ received good value from the bidders, the 2¢ did not. So the buyer of the 2¢ did well in acquiring the stamp for only $111. Sometimes you can get lucky. This is what draws many people to auctions, the possibility of a bargain!


7¢ QE II – An Unusual Imperforate Single

Lot 6375
Scott 549a
Estimate $175
Realized $207

This little beauty needed no certificate. It clearly is an imperforate single. But we wondered how it ever got created. Who in their right mind would cut a pair in two like this?

The Scott catalogue puts a value of $1,200 on a pair. But like the above Small Queen imperforates, this catalogue value is a bit optimistic. Copies have been selling for only $600 to $800.

We find this single, which is VF NH, a lot more interesting than the small single imperforate Small Queens above and weren’t at all surprised it beat its estimate.

2¢ Beaver


Lot 6426
Unitrade 1156ii
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $890


This pair is not a rare. We’ve recorded 26 sales in the past 10 years and never has it exceeded its catalogue value. The average price in the past three years would be around $400. So it surprises us to see the above price realized of $870. This is close to the record price of $950 set back in 2004. Somebody wanted this pair badly. The seller must be very happy.


New Varieties

Lot 6456
Unitrade 1442b
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $1,410

There was something unusual about this stamp. It was missing not only its hologram, which is the normal variety, but its tagging as well. Vance said this is a previously unrecorded variety and our records support this. This pair came with a Greene Foundation Certificate.

Normally a pair with a missing hologram sells for about $700. This pair sold for about double that at $1,410. Interesting!

Lot 6457
Unitrade 1517ai-1518ai
Estimate $1,250
Realized $870


This variety is, as yet, unlisted in the Unitrade catalogue, although like others in the set that are listed, it has the silver instead of gold inscriptions. We would have expected the price to be higher, but, as with so many modern varieties, prices vary all over and can be hard to predict.

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Vance's next auction will be held on May 5, 2010

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