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15 November, 2012 - Spink Shreves Galleries Inc.


Collector's Series Sale

There were a few Canadian stamps in this sale that took place in Dallas Texas last November. We show a number of these as examples. But what really stood out, were the extraordinary prices realized for some of the superb U. S. stamps. We provide some examples of these below in the second part of this write up. Prices realized for the Canadian stamps have been converted at par as the Canadian dollar was so close to the U.S. dollar on the date of the sale.


Canadian Stamps

Lot 323
Unitrade 30b
Catalogue $480
Realized $220


Lot 326
Scott 57 LH
Catalogue $120
Realized $130


Lot 341
Scott 693d
Catalogue $3,750
Realized $1,700


Lot 342
Scott 716c
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $600

Lot 343
Scott 726b
Catalogue $750
Realized $230


Lot 345
Unitrade 878i
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $500


Lot 346
Scott 2083a
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $700


Lot 349
Unitrade E3b
Catalogue $500
Realized $250



United States Stamps
All prices are in U.S. dollars

"XF Superb 95"
"Superb 98 JUMBO"

Lot 22
Scott 10A
Catalogue $160
Realized $750

Lot 24
Scott 11A
Catalogue $15
Realized $270


"XF Superb 95"

Lot 32
Scott 17
Catalogue $250
Realized $650

Lot 50
Scott 69
Catalogue $100
Realized $400



Lot 60
Scott 85B
Catalogue $1,300
Realized $3,250



"Superb 98"

Lot 64
Scott 93
Catalogue $60
Realized $3,000


"Superb 98 JUMBO"
"95 JUMBO"

Lot 98
Scott 220
Catalogue $1
Realized $280

Lot 115
Scott 248
Catalogue $9
Realized $575


"Superb 98"

Lot 133
Scott 331
Catalogue $1
Realized $100


We do not recall seeing any Canadian stamps with premiums like this, except in a few cases. Not only are some of these U.S. stamps given a “grading” as indicated above, but for some of them, there is an indication that one of them might be the only one with the highest grade or perhaps one of say the three known copies with the highest grade. This illustrates a smart marketing strategy with clearly beneficial results. One cannot complain however, so long as the samples are based on fact as appears to be the case. Otherwise the whole “premium” grading could collapse and no one wants that. How interesting a development in recent years!

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