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28 April, 2010 - Robert A. Siegel Galleries

The recent Siegel auction in NY City featured general foreign stamps and covers with strong sections of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth. There were a fair number of Canadian stamps amongst which were some exceptional examples, as shown below.

Lot 2155
Scott 4d “thin paper”
Catalogue $225
Realized $1,425


Lot 2160
Scott 13a
Catalogue $7,250
Realized $6,871


We have recorded only two other copies of this stamp in used condition in the past 10 years. This is a new record price. Note the tiny traces of the red transit market at the lower left corner.


Lot 2164
Scott 31
Catalogue $6,500
Realized $6,617

Well centered and with clear horizontal laid lines, this stamp also received bids that resulted in a new record price, well up from the previous record of $5,500.


Lot 2197
Scott 69 NH
Catalogue $165
Realized $433


The stamp on the right is perfectly centered and has huge jumbo margins. It really stands out as special.


Lot 2205
Scott 92
Catalogue $550
Realized $1,730


This stamp had choice centering and jumbo margins all around. Not surprisingly, it attracted a new record price. The previous record was $1,250, this is quite a jump!


Lot 2209
Scott 102
Catalogue $2,200
Realized $2,341


This block had precise centering and was a real showpiece.


Lot 2214
Unitrade 145iii
Catalogue $1,125
Realized $1,120


This is the second time this year we have seen this variety with the imperforate margin at the right. Only 10 copies exist. The fact there are so few surprised us as the variety doesn’t seem to be that unusual. There is one other stamp in this set of five that also has an imperforate margin (Unitrade 143i).


Lot 2222
Scott 387a
Catalogue $12,000
Realized $11,198


It is not often one sees the "Inverted Seaway" variety as well centred as this. It attracted a new record price of $11,198, up from $10,800.


Lot 2226
Scott 774a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $560


This stamp, with the missing black inscriptions, is rare, but the price realized doesn’t seem to reflect this. This is the 5th copy we have recorded in the past 10 years. Interestingly, all four others were centered low. This copy was not only well centered but is a corner copy with the margins attached.

There were some exceptionally fine Canadian stamps in this sale, making it particularly interesting for us to review. There were also the following 4 new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
6p Albert
1¢ LQ on laid paper
7¢ Edward VII
5¢ Inverted Seaway


It has been over two years since we last reviewed a Siegel auction. It’s good to see them back with an offering of Canadian stamps of this quality.

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