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16 March, 2013 - Ron Leith Public Auctions

There were over 2700 lots in this auction held in March in Vancouver. We feature just one of them in this write up. It was a very special copy of Canada's first stamp, Unitrade 1a, in the orange red shade.

Lot 1902
Unitrade 1a
Estimate $20,000
Realized $16,000

The stamp was described as "3d orange-red mint with disturbed part OG and 4 good margins, horizontal laid paper with light vertical crease, awaiting a Greene Foundation certificate."
We have recorded only three other copies of this stamp in the past 15 years and all had faults to a greater or lesser degree.
I have always had a personal interest in this stamp as it was designed by Sir Sanford Fleming in 1851 and, in the 1860s, my great-grandfather, Thomas Burpe, worked for him in Ottawa as his personal secretary.

Thomas R. Burpee
Editor, Canadian Stamp Auctions

(You will note the different spellings of the name Burpe/Burpee. That's just part of the wonder of having a family name that is quite unusual to put it mildly!)

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