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10 April, 2010 - Ron Leith Public Auctions

We always look forward to Ron Leith’s sales. Unfortunately, a large part of his offerings are made up of postal stationery which we know little about, but we enjoy looking at the material and learning from his knowledgeable descriptions.

He also offers an assortment of mint and used Canadian stamps which he describes meticulously as to paper type, perforation and cancellation. We particularly liked the Small Queen fancy cancels he included in this sale.

We show below a number of interesting examples:

Lot 2161
Unitrade 36i NH
Catalogue $225
Realized $200

Small Queen Fancy Cancels



“Parry Sound, 1874”
“Gravenhurst, 1882”

Lot 2188
Scott 35i
Estimate $75
Realized $170

Lot 2194
Scott 37c
Estimate $150
Realized $170


“Bogey Head 1890”

Lot 2208
Scott 37
Estimate $100
Realized $140

Lot 2209
Scott 35
Estimate $75
Realized $75


“Starburst, 1890”

Lot 2211
Scott 41
Estimate $75
Realized $40


“Fancy A Cork Cancel” 1885

Lot 2210
Scott F1
Estimate $75
Realized $95


It’s nice to see the interest collectors have for these Canadian stamps with the fancy cork cancels.


Nice Looking Jubilees


Lot 2243
Scott 55 NH
Estimate $575
Realized $400

Lot 2252
Scott 57 NH
Estimate $300
Realized $360




Lot 2273
Scott 71
Estimate $325
Realized $400

Lot 2277
Scott 81
Estimate $300
Realized $360


Lot 2294
Scott 98
Catalogue $75
Realized $160



Unusual Perforation Error


Lot 2397
Scott 362
Catalogue $75
Realized $45


We found this perforation error quite intriguing. The sloping perforations on both sides are not obvious at first, but once we focused on them, we then wondered how this could possibly have happened. It’s just another one of those mysteries!

Thanks Ron for an interesting sale and a great catalogue!

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