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29 October 2014 - R. Maresch & Son

Maresch reported that many record prices were realized in its last sale. The total realized for the sale well exceeded presale estimates. This auction had so many lots, almost 2400, that they had to be divided into three larger than usual sessions. We saw many beautiful, well centered stamps in the Canadian section, especially amongst the Admirals. We show some of the more noteworthy examples below.

6p Albert

Lot 593
Scott 10
Catalogue $7,500
Realized $6,000

This was a scarce used 6p Albert in the reddish purple shade on thick paper with mostly huge margins. Only four other used copies of this stamp have been sold since 2009 with prices ranging from $6,250 to $18,504.


5¢ Small Queen –Perf. 11½ x 12 Variety

Lot 816
Scott 38a
Catalogue $1,250
Realized $3,500

This stamp came with full streaky NH gum and had the rare perforation 11½ x 12, as opposed to the regular 12x12. Its Scott value is $1,250 vs. $1000 for the regular stamp. We are surprised that there was such a small difference between the two. Why the surprise? Because mint copies of the regular 5¢ Small Queen appear regularly at auction but, since 2007, we have only recorded one other of this perf variety.


8¢ Small Queen

Lot 861
Scott 44
Catalogue $260
Realized $1,300

We really like this stamp. Maresch described it as a “top margin copy with oversized margins, an exceptional copy of this usually poorly centered stamp with full original gum, a spectacular never hinged treasure.” We couldn’t put it better than that.

Top Rate Admirals

Lot 1091
Scott 110
Catalogue $47
Realized $280

Lot 1106
Scott 113
Catalogue $45
Realized $190

There were many other VF NH Admirals in this sale. We were impressed by the quality and range of singles, blocks, booklets, coils and stamps with lathe work. The above two examples are as nice as they come.


50¢ Bridges Imperforate Plate Block

Lot 1343
Scott 2103ai
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $425

The sale contained many modern imperforates like the one above. We find them so attractive. This imperforate plate block was VF NH. The price was on the low side which is a bit surprising as there seem to be very few of this variety. This buyer did well.

1907 Officially Sealed

Lot 1500
Unitrade OX3
Catalogue $350
Realized $575

In the past 6 years, only two other copies of this beautiful stamp had been recorded by us with prices ranging from $224 to $730. Like this one, all were NH. We think this means that whoever owned them, respected them and handled them with great care.

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This sale had one new record price:

Previous NRP
5¢ Small Queen 11 1/2 x 12


The date of Maresch’s next auction has not yet been determined

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