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24 June 2014 - R. Maresch & Son

Maresch’s report on the results of its sale back in March was upbeat. Here’s what they wrote:

“Our March auction was once again a huge success, with realizations well above our pre-sale estimates throughout all four sessions. Exceptional and record prices were reached for Canada including Large Queens, Small Queens, Numeral and Admiral material. The market for very fine and better stamps, proofs and covers seems to have no upper limit.”

The present sale begins with the Don McCrossan Newfoundland collection. Put together over 30 years, it contained many rare items seldom offered. Here are some of them.

Examples from The Newfoundland Collection
Of Don McCrossan

Lot 25
Scott 4 unused
Catalogue $6,500
Realized $3,250

Lot 27
Scott 7 OG
Catalogue $6,000
Realized $4,000


Lot 80
Scott 27 NH/LH
Catalogue $5,400
Realized $2,100


Lot 118
Scott 44
Estimate $75
Realized $110


Lot 190
Scott 128a HR
Catalogue $16,000
Realized $19,000


Canadian Stamps


Lot 712
Scott 9
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $ 6,750


What an exceptional looking copy this is of the 7½ green Victoria. It came without gum and had unusually large margins.

Small Queens


Lot 872
Unitrade 35i
Catalogue $300
Realized $240

Lot 885
Scott 36ii
Catalogue $375
Realized $175

Lot 915
Scott 43
Catalogue $240
Realized $825

All of these Small Queens were well centered, had nice borders and were NH.


Quebec Tercentennary

Lot 1092
Scott 98a NG
Catalogue $650
Realized $400


Lot 1100
Scott 103 NH
Catalogue $625
Realized $800


Modern Varieties


Lot 1379
Scott 2069 var
Estimate $350
Realized $200


Lot 1380
Unitrade 2070 var
Estimate $350
Realized $210

Lot 1381
Scott 2071 var
Estimate $150
Realized $155


Lot 1383
Scott 2627 var
Estimate $1,500
Realized - No sale


The above Lot 1383 did not sell but is shown here because it is the first one Maresch has seen and this is consistent with our records.

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