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28 November, 2013 - R. Maresch & Son

Here we have the 2nd of the two auctions Maresch offered over two successive days. It was a general collection which offered material from larger lots and postal history through Pence and other early issues right up to modern varieties and back-of-the-book issues. We particularly noticed the beautiful Small Queens in the auction which, not surprisingly, attracted prices well in excess of catalogue.

At the end of this commentary, we provide a number of interesting comments by Maresch on the results of their previous sale in September.


Large Queen Varieties

Reddish Purple

Lot 1072
Unitrade 29i
Catalogue $500
Realized $675

The normal colour for this 15¢ Large Queen is gray violet. The above one is reddish purple. Maresch called it exceptionally well centered, NH and extremely fine. That’s a lot of superlatives, but we think they are well deserved. This is only the second copy we have recorded in the past 10 years.


Blue Gray

Lot 1075
Scott 30b
Catalogue $130
Realized $625


Again, the normal colour for this 15¢ Large Queen is gray. The above is the blue gray variety. It is a margin copy and would be the envy of any collector. Like so many stamps in this auction, it is VF and NH. This would be normal in sets from the 1920s and 1930s, but is rare for the Large Queen set.

Although the price of $625 is over 5x catalogue, it is not up there with some of the higher prices paid for this stamp in the past. In 2006, a NH sold at auction for $1,760.


Small Queens – Big Prices


11 1/2 x 12

Lot 1121
Scott 35a
Catalogue $225
Realized $500

Lot 1139
Scott 36e
Catalogue $700
Realized $2,900


Copper Red (1870)
Chocolate (1890)

Lot 1159
Scott 37b
Catalogue $1,750
Realized $2,500

Lot 1187
Scott 43a
Catalogue $300
Realized $1,200


All four above are exceptionally nice copies and NH. What beauties!



Lot 1284
Unitrade 107iv
Estimate $125
Realized $125

Lot 1289
Scott 110
Catalogue $120
Realized $260


Here are two more stamps of quality. Maresch called them superb, but the prices were on the modest side and for this the buyers will undoubtedly be happy. When dealing with these early sets, we must admit we find it hard to judge what the prices will be beforehand.

Two New Varieties – Both with Stitch Watermarks

Most new varieties are found among Canada’s modern stamps. But in this sale, Maresch highlighted two from the Pence issue back in 1898.

Lot 1251
Scott 74var
Estimate $250
Realized $450

This one was described as “Half cent black, showing a strong horizontal stitch watermark, a most elusive (and as yet unlisted) variety, the only one we can recall seeing, probably unique, with clean 2013 Greene certificate.”

Lot 1253
Scott 77var
Estimate $200
Realized $150

This stamp was described as “Two cent Carmine (die 1) with strong horizontal stitch watermark, corner crease and thin, a very rare and (as yet unlisted) variety, with 2013 Greene certificate.”

We noted that both copies came with Greene Foundation certificates. This Foundation seems to be having an interesting year, especially after certifying the extremely rare 3rd known copy of the 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper last summer.

This completes our review of this interesting sale. For more details, please click on the highlights button below.




Maresch’s Comments on their September 24, 2013 Auction

“Our previous auction was held in September. The earlier timing was well received as collectors from around the globe attended in droves to acquire top quality stamps for their collections. The sale totalled an astounding 123% of our pre-sale estimates and realized an amount approaching two million dollars, amply demonstrating the strength of the stamp market here in Toronto. According to some experts who regularly document such things, 18 new record prices for individual Canadian classic stamps were achieved, from the First Cents issue right through to the Admirals. One remarkable item was the rare 3¢ Small Queen copper red perf 12½ which sold for $26,000 plus buyer’s premium, eclipsing the previous high price of $8000 by a factor of three. Anyone with exceptional material to sell, please take note.”


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