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27 November, 2013 - R. Maresch & Son

This was the first of two auctions held by Maresch on two consecutive days. It contained stamps from the “Bedlington Collection”. This one owner sale represents a lifetime of acquisitions by a knowledgeable and serious collector of better Canada and Provincial issues, from Pence issues to Admirals.

We start off with two unusually well centered stamps from Canada’s early classics.

Lot 151
Scott 17a
Catalogue $1,300
Realized $4,375

What an attractive example of this violet shade. It came with a somewhat disturbed original gum, and was lightly hinged. The price realized says a lot about its quality. It easily beat the previous record of $2,400 and represents a new record.

Lot 190
Unitrade 20v
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $3,000


This copy of the 2¢ rose was described as a crisply printed and post office fresh example of the “dash in lower right ‘2’ variety, amazingly well centered with full o.g., VF HR. This is the only copy of this variety that we have recorded in the past 10 years.”

3¢ Large Queens – Varieties

Lot 223
Scott 25b
Catalogue $2,500
Realized $1,250

This is the orange red on crisp thin paper variety from the first printing. It came with full OG and was heavily hinged. It is rare indeed. Only two other copies have sold in the past 10 years.

Vertical Stitch Watermark

Lot 226
Unitrade 25vi
Estimate $1,500
Realized $2,000

Why was a price so high for this stamp that was clearly off center? Maresch explains that the stamp was “with strong stitch watermark, centered to top with some disturbed o.g. but according to U.C.S. is only supposed to exist used, so that the usual catalogue value columns have been stroked out....a unique and outstanding rarity of the first order, with 2013 Greene Foundation certificate.”

It will be interesting to see if Unitrade will list the above price in its next specialized catalogue.


8¢ Numeral- Top Margin Copy


Lot 468
Scott 82
Catalogue $700
Realized $1,800


What a lovely stamp. It was VF NH with just a bit of the imprint showing on the left hand side of the margin label . Not surprisingly for a stamp of this quality, it received a record price of $1,800 which was well ahead of the previous record of $1,512.

Three Imperforate Pairs

Lot 607
Scott 199a
Catalogue $2,250
Realized $1,100


Lot 608
Scott 201a
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $1,100


These two imperforates were VF NH. The prices realized were on the low side which surprised us as they are both better than usual, especially the Scott 199a. Usually this is a bit off centre. So, the new owners can be happy they did so well.

Lot 650
Scott E5a
Catalogue $950
Realized $800

Here is another one of the many beautiful imperforates that appeared in this sale. It too was VF NH. While it appears regularly at auction, we have not recorded a sale in the past 2½ years. The price realized was strong compared to others in prior sales.

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This sale had 5 new record prices:

Previous NRP
10¢ Albert
2¢ Victoria - dash in lower right
3¢ Large Queen, vertical stitch watermark
1¢ Small Queen, lemon yellow
8¢ Numeral

Maresch's next auction is expected in February 2014

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