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26 June, 2013 - R. Maresch & Son

A number of interesting comments were made in the introduction to this auction which we think are worth sharing with our viewers:

  1. The prices in their February sale were surprisingly strong in many areas, including postal history, proofs, centered mint singles, shades, imperforates, multiples and varieties.
  2. They stressed the importance to them of sending in your bids on a timely basis. Translation…. please do not wait until the last minute as this makes things difficult to control at their office as they prepare for the auction.
  3. They will lot "your treasures" to your best advantage. We think this is very significant as we believe the people in Maresch’s office have far greater experience in this regard than any of us.

They concluded their comments as follows:

"Enjoy the auction catalogue, it is one of our greatest pleasures and passions to present these to you three times a year, and we wish to thank our many thousands of customers around the world for their loyalty and support for these many years".

With these thoughtful words, we start off our review with two interesting lots of the 12 ½¢Victoria stamp issued in 1859.

Lot 466
Scott 18
Catalogue $1,750
Realized $1,950

The above stamps are in the regular yellow green shade, different from the one shown below. The top stamp has full OG and a hinge remnant, while the bottom stamp is never hinged. This is rare and in fact is unpriced in the Unitrade catalogue.

Lot 469
Unitrade 18ii
Catalogue $1,350
Realized $1,250

This second copy of Scott 18 is the variety in the deep green shade. It is unused and came with exceptionally large margins.


Large Queen – Thin Paper Variety

Lot 470
Scott 24b
Catalogue $950
Realized $875

This stamp is one of the many Large Queens whose price increased in the 2014 Scott catalogue. It was printed on thin paper, had full OG and was nicely centered.


Numerals – VF NH Copies

Lot 693
Scott 78
Catalogue $ 130
Realized $450

Lot 698
Scott 81
Catalogue $300
Realized $425


It is so interesting to see the results of the bidders’ judgment as they decide how much to bid on a stamp. Both of the above stamps were described as "exceptionally well centered, NH and extremely fine with certificates." Which one would you pick?

As we did our "turn the page upside down trick" we could see that the first one was indeed well centered, while the second one was centered slightly to the right. It wasn't obvious at first, but once you recognize the difference, it becomes clearer to you. Perhaps this is why the first stamp sold for 3.5 x catalogue and the second one for 1.5 x catalogue.


50¢ Edward VII - New Record Price

Lot 740
Scott 95
Catalogue $2,250
Realized $5,750

We were amazed at the price paid for this stamp. VF NH copies of it have always attracted premium prices. Not surprisingly, the above unusually fine copy attracted a new record price.

Modern Varieties

Isn't it amazing how these imperforate varieties just keep popping up with little explanation. Here is an interesting group from the sale:

51¢ Sailing Ship - issued in 2006

Lot 886
Scott 2155 var
Estimate $2,000
Realized $1,050

Lot 887
Scott 2155 var
Estimate $5,000
Realized $2,700


Both of the above copies were extra special as they come from the border of the page and show stoplights. The UR margin block may be unique. Both have wrinkles and come with brown or black spots on the back.


52¢ FIFA Soccer issued in 2007

Lot 889
Unitrade 2220i
Catalogue $2,600
Realized $575


$1.80 Moose issued in 2012

Lot 890
Scott 2509 var
Catalogue $300
Realized $280



This unusual imperforate block was described as "imperforate (uncut) between left and right stamps, scissor cut at top and bottom." So while it looks like an imperforate block, it seems to be only partially that. Perhaps time will tell as further copies appear.

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This sale had two new record prices:

Previous NRP
3¢ Numeral
50¢ Edward VII


No date has yet been set for Maresch's next auction sale.


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