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27 February, 2013 - R. Maresch & Son

What a pleasure it was to review this sale, filled with excellent material from beginning to end. The people at Maresch are clearly upbeat about the market. Their previous auction realized over one million dollars and 105% of presale valuations, with many items realizing several times their estimate. They see no signs of a slowdown.


Early Canadian Strips and Blocks

It’s nice to see such beautiful strips and blocks of Canada’s early material.

Lot 538
Scott 19
Catalogue $360
Realized $135


We don’t recall seeing a strip of 3 of the 17¢ Jacques Cartier in some time. We note the fact the stamp has not one but two denominations. You can see the 8d sterling on the top corners and 17¢ at the bottom. This reflects both the sterling currency of Britain at the time and the dollar influence coming in from the United States. The 3 stamps were not in great shape, but to have a strip surviving all this time is unusual and noteworthy.

Lot 674
Unitrade 34i
Estimate $350
Realized $350

By way of contrast, the above imprint block of eight was described as fresh, never hinged and extremely fine. It was the grey black shade rather than the regular black one. Maresch’s estimate turned out to be very accurate.


Lot 694
Unitrade 36i
Catalogue $365
Realized $250

The stamps in the above block of 8 were not quite as good as the ½¢ one shown just before it. It is interesting to look at each stamp. Some were hinged and none were centered. A closer look shows that some were centered high, some to the right and some to the left. Despite all this, it is a pretty block overall.

Lot 740
Scott 40
Catalogue $480
Realized $130

This block of six had no gum, was reinforced and had only F-VF centering. Why I show it at all? It is because it is so rare. Not many of us have a block of 6 of the 5¢ Small Queen in our collections!


Outstanding Admirals

We show below just a few of the outstanding Admirals in the sale.

Lot 928
Scott 106
Catalogue $50
Realized $250

Lot 941
Unitrade 108c
Estimate $100
Realized $155


Lot 958
Unitrade 114b
Estimate $125
Realized $105

Lot 962
Scott 115
Estimate $125
Realized $130


The Admiral set seems to be one of the most sought after by Canadian collectors and the prices realized for these stamps certainly support this. These are 4 truly exceptional stamps!


3¢ Cartier – Imperforate Pair

Lot 1035
Scott 208a
Catalogue $950
Realized $875

We show here another Jacques Cartier stamp, issued some 76 years after the one shown earlier in the write up. The above $875 is an average price for this pair.

Modern Varieties – New and Unlisted


Lot 1167
Unitrade 1933i var
Estimate $750
Realized $400


Not only is this the “missing horse” variety, it is completely imperforate. It is the first one Maresch has seen. There is a tiny bend in the top margin, clear of the design. The stamp is NH.

Lot 1169
Unitrade 2070 var
Estimate $750
Realized $750

Lot 1173
Unitrade 2149 var
Estimate $1,000
Realized $800


Both of the above imperforate pairs are unlisted in Unitrade.

Lot 1175
Unitrade 2509 var
Estimate $300
Realized $220


This block of 4 of the $1.80 Moose is imperforate (uncut) between the left and right stamps, with a scissor cut at the top and bottom. There is no record of it in Unitrade.

This ends our commentary. For more details of this sale, please click on the Highlights button.

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