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20 June, 2012 - R. Maresch & Son

This was a most impressive auction from Maresch. If the early Canadian varieties caught your attention, we’re sure the plentiful modern varieties would as well. One area of special interest was the Ben Cohen Large Queen collection with its many varieties of shades, cancels and papers. It also had more stamps with "stitch watermarks" than we can remember in a single sale.

We start off with this beautiful cover, sent in 1852 from Hamilton to England:


Lot 316
Scott 1a
Estimate $2,500
Realized $5,500

This cover, ex Lea, Fairbanks and Wilkinson, is the only example of this single usage paying the rate to the US border, where it was then sent collect to Liverpool.


Scott 18 - Vertical Pair


Lot 455
Scott 18
Catalogue $1,750
Realized $2,200

It is so rare to find a Canadian stamp from this era that is never hinged. In the above vertical pair, the top stamp came with full OG and a hinge remnant, while the bottom stamp was unhinged and this is what was unusual.

In the early days of collecting, stamps were almost always hinged in order to be securely placed in an album. Usually, only when there was a pair or a block could a never hinged example survive to modern times. These are extremely rare and are still much sought after. We have no previous record of a NH Scott 18. Maresch notes that Unitrade does not give a price for a NH copy.


Large Queens - Stitch Watermarks

Here is the feature of the auction that most impressed us. It was an unusually large collection of Large Queens with stitch watermarks, some of which are unlisted in the Unitrade catalogue.

Amongst the varieties of the Large Queens, Scott’s catalogue lists 7 stamps with regular watermarks and these have very high prices. It also lists a 15¢ stamp with a "script" watermark. But it is does not list any “stitch” watermarks. These are the marks in the paper made by the rollers during the course of printing.

However Unitrade lists 8 stitch watermarks in its Large Queens section. What was special about this auction was that it contained a further 2 stitch watermarks that have never been listed in either Scott or Unitrade.



Lot 491
Unitrade 21viii
Catalogue $1,500
Realized $975
(Unused, perf faults)

Lot 527
Unitrade 24vi
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $475
(Perf faults, stated to be the first known)



Lot 554
Unitrade 25vi
Catalogue $600
Realized $350
Off centre, corner crease, some perf faults)

Lot 592
Unitrade 27viii
Catalogue $1750
Realized $575
(light crease, few perf faults


Lot 608
Unitrade 28b var
Estimate $1,000
Realized $1,750

Lot 625
Unitrade 29 var
Estimate $750
Realized $550
(Unlisted, creased, with other faults)


Small Queen Imperforates

Lot 714
Scott 41b
Catalogue $475
Realized $775

Lot 732
Scott 44d
Catalogue $800
Realized $1,550



It's not often we see 2 NH small Queen imperforates in the same sale. These were beauties and attracted strong bids. We wonder if they were always simple pairs or alternatively, may have originally been part of a block, with the bottom two unhinged.


Modern Imperforates


Lot 1022
Scott 1452 var
Estimate $1,250
Realized $825


Lot 1023
Scott 1453 var
Estimate $1,250
Realized $850



Lot 1024
Scott 1454 var
Estimate $1,250
Realized $850


Imperforates from this set first appeared around 1996 and then again in 2011.

Lot 1033
Unitrade 2103ai
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $825


We have seen this imperforate block sold on 2 previous occasions. In 2011, a LR inscription block sold at a Maresch sale for $1,250. Then, earlier this year, a block like the above sold for $525.


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This sale had 2 new record prices:

Previous NRP
8¢ Small Queen imperforate pair
1991 var.
43¢ Flag overprint, imperforate pair

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