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28 February, 2012 - R. Maresch & Son

We knew this would be a strong sale when we opened the catalogue and saw the quality of the offerings. Included in this sale were rare covers, bulk lots, strong early classics and modern varieties. We start off with this lovely cover:


Lot 394
Scott 2b & 4
Estimate $10,000
Realized $6,750


Canada’s first stamp was issued in 1851. The above cover, sent from Guelph to Toronto, was posted only a year later in 1852. It is ex Lea, Cravieri and Wilkinson. Unfortunately, it had a file crease across one of the 6d stamps.


$1 Jubilee – VF NH


Lot 750
Scott 61
Catalogue $2,650
Realized $4,500

It is not often the average collector gets to see a $1 Jubilee that is both VF and NH. Not often, that is, in our experience. What a lovely copy this is.

Back in 2008, a VF NH copy sold for a record price of $5,197. The above price is the best since then.


Excellent Maple Leafs and Numerals

Lot 798
Scott 66
Catalogue $32
Realized $180


Lot 803
Scott 68a NH
Catalogue $750
Realized $1,400


Lot 825
Unitrade 75ii
Catalogue $210
Realized $270

Lot 833
Scott 77a
Catalogue $95
Realized $375


We were impressed by the quality of the above stamps. Clearly the bidders agreed. The successful bids were all strong. The price for Scott 68a of $1,400 was a new record price, an amazing jump from the previous record of $475 set in 2009. Why the jump? Most likely it was because, according to our records, this was the first time this stamp has been offered in NH condition in many years. To confirm the NH status, the previous owner wisely provided a 2011 Greene certificate.

Exceptional Admirals


Lot 898
Scott 107a
Catalogue $37
Realized $325

Lot 903
Scott 110
Catalogue $120
Realized $350

Lot 915
Unitrade 114iv
Catalogue $300
Realized $425



Lot 919
Scott 117
Catalogue $110
Realized $325

Lot 936
Unitrade 124i
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $850


What beauties! The stamps had exceptional centering and perforations. The bidders flocked to them and not surprisingly, the prices that resulted were at the highest level.

In particular, the price for the Unitrade 124i, the paste-up coil pair shown above, was exceptional. We have only recorded three other such pairs in the past 12 years with the best price being $450 set in 2010.


Unlisted varieties

Here are two unlisted varieties that appeared in this sale:

Lot 1084
Scott 2103a var
Estimate $1,500
Realized $475


This is the second inscription block of this stamp Maresch has offered. A similar one from the lower right corner of the sheet appeared in its October 26, 2011 sale where it sold for $1,250.


Lot 1085
Unitrade 2142 var
Estimate $500
Realized $400

This is the first time we have seen this variety and a first for Maresch as well. The variety, which is very unusual, consists of the four horizontal dots in the margin between the stamps.


Stamps of China

We present below 3interesting stamps from China


Lot 2223
Scott 1586 NH
Slightest stacking offset
Catalogue $1,950
Realized $1,150


Lot 2220
Scott 1518 NH
Light bend
Catalogue $3,250
Realized $1,600


Lot 2234
Scott 1761 NH
Catalogue $290
Realized $140


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This sale had 3 new record prices:

Previous NRP
2¢ Maple Leaf, imperforate pair
2¢ Admiral paste up pair
2¢ War Tax

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