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17 June, 2011 - R. Maresch & Son

Six years after Canada’s first stamps were first issued, this beauty made its appearance. It’s one of our favourites


Lot 595
Scott 9
Catalogue $3,500
Realized $4,500


Issued in 1857, it featured the same portrait of Queen Victoria as the more famous 12 Penny Black. But for some reason, we prefer this dark green shade. There aren’t many copies with borders as large as this, and also, with such a clear view of the Queen’s face. You can see portions of the adjacent stamps on the left and at the bottom. Whoever cut this from the sheet was conscious of wanting to create a quality stamp with full margins.


10¢ Albert - Horizontal "Stitch Watermark"

Lot 624
Unitrade 17viii
Catalogue $1,750
Realized $2,300


This is a very rare variety. We have only recorded two other copies at auction in the past 10 years. These sold for $900 in $1350 respectively.

If this had only been the regular version of Scott 17, it would have been special to find it this well centered. But for a variety this rare, it is truly a remarkable combination. Maresch noted that it was the nicest copy they had ever seen. It came with a 1996 Greene certificate.

A “stitch watermark” results from the paper passing over a gap in the printing press during the printing process. Few such stamps have survived over the years.

Admirals – Always Popular with Collectors

Lot 868
Scott 107
Catalogue $37
Realized $375

Lot 882
Scott 119
Catalogue $250
Realized $350


Of the 44 new record prices recorded in 2011, 19 were from the Admiral set. The first of the above two, the 2¢ yellow green, went for 10 times catalogue and set a clear new record price, beating the previous $300 record. The 20¢ olive green sold for a price well above catalogue, but not as spectacular.

These prices show the strength of the Admiral set these days. We marvel at the demand it attracts, bearing in mind that some of the stamps in the set were issued in the billions. The only problem is that most were printed off centre. The few mint copies that remain that are well centered and NH, continued to be much sought after.


40¢ Flag Booklet – Imperforate

Lot 1066
Scott 1190b
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $475


This imperforate booklet was very fine and came complete with cover. With such a high catalogue value, you may wonder how the price could be so low? We do not have an explanation. We have recorded over 20 copies sold in the past 10 years. On one occasion, one of these imperforate booklets sold for $2,142. The lowest price we have recorded was $647. So in terms of record prices, we can say this is a new low record price. This is not great news for the seller but wonderful news for the buyer.
Did anyone notice that the lot number is the date of the Battle of Hastings!!


Three New Varieties


Lot 1101
Scott 1452var
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,150

Lot 1102
Scott 1452var
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,100


Lot 1103
Scott 1454var
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $1,150

These three NH imperforate blocks come from the Christmas set issued in 1992. Maresch states that they are the first such blocks it has seen. This is our experience is well. However, in 1996, J. N. Sissons offered a complete imperforate sheet of 50 of Scott 1454 at auction. It sold for $15,500 or $1,240 for a block. In other words, similar to the price realized above. No similar sheets have been reported to our knowledge for Scott 1452 and 1453.

It would appear from the similarity of the prices realized in this sale that the same bidder likely acquired all three blocks. We find it curious that rare blocks like this, printed in 1992, are only appearing some 19 years later. If they’d never appeared at auction before, where were they located all this time?


We continue to be intrigued by the interest collectors are showing in the stamps of China these days, even in far away Canada. The stamp below has appeared twice in our recent auctions.

Lot 2222
Scott 1586
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $1,250

The latest Scott catalogue gives a value of $1,950 for this stamp in mint condition. It was issued in 1980 to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. Scott notes that all its catalogue prices for Chinese mint stamps, beginning with Scott 457, are for never hinged copies. The above stamp was fresh, had the slightest black stacking offset, but was otherwise NH and very fine. It was likely because of the stacking offset that the catalogue price was lowered, making it really an estimate.

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This sale had three new record prices:

Previous NRP
10¢ Albert, horizontal stitch watermark
2¢ Admiral
$1 Court House


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