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20 October, 2010 - R. Maresch & Son

This sale featured some lovely Small Queens that easily caught our attention. It also included an impressive Imperforate pair of the 5¢ Small Queen that sold for a record price. It is the first NH pair of that stamp we have recorded. Of interest in this sale was another fake copy of Scott 88B, the Port Hood over print. In several recent sales fake copies of this variety have sold for more than their estimates.

We start off with this beautiful 1¢ Large Queen. Although it had a number of flaws, we feature it because it was unusually well centered for a Large Queen and we don’t often see this.


Lot 590
Scott 22
Catalogue $750
Realized $800


The stamp was described as “brilliant, fresh and exceptionally well centered, full original gum with three hinge remnants, a couple of minor perf. problems, still extremely fine.”


Exceptional Small Queens

We couldn’t help admiring the quality of the small Queens. They are all NH unless otherwise noted.

Lot 621
Scott 34
Catalogue $15
Realized $110


Lot 627
Scott 35
Catalogue $47
Realized $450

Lot 640
Unitrade 36i VLH
Estimate $100
Realized $140

Lot 669
Scott 42a
Catalogue $725
Realized $900




Here are more stamps of excellent quality from this sale:

Lot 701
Scott 51
Catalogue $57
Realized $70

Lot 702
Scott 52
Catalogue $62
Realized $155


Lot 705
Scott 54
Catalogue $160
Realized $240

Lot 707
Scott 55
Catalogue $575
Realized $475


Scott 88B & 88C – Fake Port Hood Overprint

Lot 794
Scott 88A & 88B
Estimate $100
Realized $125


¢ Admiral


Lot 830
Unitrade 110b
Catalogue $240
Realized $425


In 2006, this stamp sold for 2 record prices, the top one being $377. Now we have a new record price at $425. We never cease to be amazed at the prices for the Admirals!

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This sale had three new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
5¢ Small Queen - Imperf. pair
4¢ Admiral
2¢ War Tax

We note that these three new records are replacing ones that were set quite a number of years ago. The previous record of Scott MR2 goes back to 2000, and that for Scott 42a back to 2004.

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