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16 June, 2010 - R. Maresch & Son

This was a most interesting sale from Maresch with strength across the board. There were many classics, Large and Small Queens, interesting Admirals and an unusually large group of modern varieties. For those who concentrate in the Back of the Book issues, there were some beautiful plate proofs of the Special Delivery set that we hadn’t seen before. In reviewing the results of the sale, we spotted two new record prices, details of which are shown at the end of our commentary.


Scott 158 - The 50¢ Bluenose

The other night, we watched a programme on CBC television, showing the original construction of the famous sailing ship, the Bluenose. What a beautiful vessel she was! Built in Lunenburg Nova Scotia, she was very fast. In her early racing days, she earned a great number of awards in Canada and the United States. In 1929, Canada issued a stamp to commemorate the Bluenose and her many successes.

Maresch offered this outstanding copy:

Lot 760
Scott 158
Catalogue $440
Realized $650


Small Queen Bisect Cover


Lot 480
Scott 39a
Catalogue $600
Realized $650


What a simple cover, but yet how rare and valuable. We have only recorded the sale at auction of 2 other bisect covers of the 6¢ Small Queen in the past 10 years.

There were a few interesting features concerning the above cover. You will note that the stamp is on the left side of the envelope, rather than on the right. In fact, there wasn't much choice as a writer put the address on the right hand side where the stamp normally goes. The letter was dated 23 April 1874 and was destined for Bridgewater, N.S. The practice of using bisect stamps was most prevalent in the Maritimes, so this envelope fits the pattern. If we were the new owner, we would take steps to obtain a certificate of authentication as this would add certainty to the cover’s value.

Maresch spotted the fact that the cover arrived the same day it was posted. We wonder how this could possibly have happened in view of the fact the cover had no postal code!

Impressive Jubilees


Lot 546
Scott 61
Catalogue $2,400
Realized $1,800

Lot 602
Scott 65
Catalogue $5,800
Realized $4,000


Both these lots were featured on the front cover of the auction catalogue. They were definitely worthy of notice. The $1 Jubilee was NH. The $5 Jubilee had full o.g., h.r’s. and the bottom stamps were jumbos.



Modern varieties

Lot 983
Unitrade 759-60ai
Estimate $300
Realized $210

Lot 984
Unitrade 764ai
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $250


Lot 1046
Scott 1883a
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $500

Lot 1048
Unitrade 1933i
Catalogue $1,750
Realized $675


We enjoyed looking at these modern varieties with their missing perforations and missing colors. The top two imperforate pairs have creases or wrinkles and it is not surprising therefore that the prices are relatively low. However, almost all copies of these two Imperforates are similarly flawed and you would think that this would be reflected in the catalogue value.


74¢ Wapiti

Lot 1011
Scott 1177i
Catalogue $4,000
Realized $3,000

“Scott doesn’t even list this paper variety, which was printed on Rolland paper. The amount realized in this auction was a new record. The previous record, set in 2001, was $1,850. At the time, Unitrade value was $2,000.

Our thanks to one of our viewers for sending us corrections to our earlier comments about this stamp.”

Bulk Sale of Stamps

Comments were made in the introduction to the auction catalogue advising readers that the sale contained a number of lots of bulk material from the Bileski Estate and other Estates. This was quite the understatement as some of the material consisted of lots containing thousands of copies, and in some cases tens of thousands of copies of the same stamp.

We are used to modern Canadian stamps selling at auction for 65%-80% of face value when sold in bulk. But, as you will see, this can be on the optimistic side when dealing with low denomination stamps. After all, what can you do with say 10,000 1¢ stamps. If used for postage, which is what bulk stamps are usually bought for, it would take years and a whole lot of trouble to use them up.

Here are some examples from this sale

Scott No.
Catalogue Value
Face Value
20¢ Forestry - plate blocks
4¢ Cameo - sheets
1¢ Northern - 54,995 copies
25¢ Expo - 8,000 copies
8¢ Ultra - 74,500 copies


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This sale had two new record prices:

Scott No.
Previous NRP
6¢ SQ - bisect cover
74¢ Wapiti - Corner block

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