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24 September, 2010 - Longley Auctions

We enjoy the auctions offered by Bill Longley. You have to study them carefully. This sale had the kind of Canadian stamps we look for. Amongst other things, it reflected Bill’s great interest in postal history and it also contained an amazingly rich selection of early Romanian stamps from the collection of the late Lt. Colonel de Chastelain.

We start off with some of the Canadian stamps:


Lot 974
Scott 46 LH
Catalogue $100
Realized $260



Lot 985
Scott 56 NH
Catalogue $300
Realized $140

Lot 986
Scott 57 NH
Catalogue $300
Realized $160


Well-known Forgeries


Port Hood Provisional Bisect
Inverted Surcharges

Lot 1005
Scott 88C
Estimate $75
Realized $230

Lot 1006
Scott 87var & 88var
Estimate $100
Realized $65


Both of the above lots were clearly described by Longley as forgeries.

Officially Sealed “Specimen”

Lot 1130
Unitrade OXIiii
Catalogue $5,500
Realized $1,300


The word “specimen” is printed in red towards the bottom of each stamp.


Postal history

Here are two interesting covers from the 1700s, used well before prepaid postage was introduced.



1789 London to Quebec
Via Falmouth packet to New York

Lot 475
Estimate $500
Realized $230



1789 London to Quebec
Via Falmouth packet to New York

Lot 476
Estimate $500
Realized $230


Early Romanian stamps
From the collection
Lt. Col. A.G.G. de Chastelain

We show below, some of the finer pieces from the collection:


Lot 282
Scott 48 (Michel 29II)
Catalogue $120
Realized $300



Lot 283
Scott 49 (Michel 31)
Catalogue $660
Realized $8,500



Lot 287
Scott 49 (Michel 31)
Catalogue $280
Realized $750


Longley wrote:

“The highlight of the sale is a specialized collection of Romania largely formed in the 1930s, belonging to the Late Colonel G.G. de Chastelain, DSO,OBE. De Chastelain graduated with a degree in Petroleum Engineering and took a position with Unirea in Bucharest, Romania where he rose to management level in the late 1930s. Undoubtedly, the pre- war years provided de Chastelain with ample opportunity to pursue his stamp collection with many items now being locked away for nearly 70 years.

At the outbreak of war, he served with the Artists’ Rifles and became a member of the Special Operations Executive and conducted sabotage operations in the Balkans as well as serving in North African campaigns.

De Chastelain served as “Operation Autonomous” commander in which three special agents parachuted into Romania on December 23, 1943. Their goal was to convince Romania to negotiate an armistice with the Allied forces or, failing that, if captured, to convince the authorities loyal to the Antonescu governmemt that the Allies were preparing to land in the Balkans in order to divert troops away from Normandy, France. The three special agents parachuted into Romania off target and were captured immediately and held as prisoners of war in Bucharest. In August 1944, King Michael of Romania undertook a coup d’état, releasing de Chastelain.” ( Reference: Winkipedia)

Clearly, collectors of Romanian stamps paid a lot of attention to this auction and took advantage of the rare material that was presented, proving once again that stamp collecting is international in scope.


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