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14 April, 2010 - Lex de Ment Ltd.

Here are some of the more interesting items from Lex De Ment’s recent mail auction:

Lot 422 NH
Scott 40
Catalogue $1,100
Realized $1,050


Lot 544
Scott 107a NH
Catalogue $40
Realized $75

Lot 565
Scott 114 NH
Catalogue $57
Realized $80


Lot 623
Scott 158 NH
Catalogue $440
Realized $575



Lot 652
Unitrade 191ii
Estimate $50
Realized $45


The price for the above stamp, with the “period” next to the”3.” was relatively low. The stamp is an unusual variety in that, although issued in 1932, it was only recognized in the Unitrade Specialized catalogue in its 2010 Edition. We first noticed the variety in the past 2 years when a few copies appeared at auction. The above example did not come with a certificate, which is not surprising given its low value, but we do wonder about its origin. Unitrade identifies it as coming from position 87 in the plate.


Lot 678
Unitrade 216i “Shilling Mark” variety
Catalogue $1,200
Realized $800


The price realized of $800 is the best price we have recorded for a block of 4 of this variety. It was never hinged. The Shilling Mark is found in the UR stamp in the LL “13” denomination circle. Like us you may need a magnifying glass to spot it.

Lot 704
Scott 237a LH
Estimate $100
Realized $55

Lot 842
Scott E8a LH
Estimate $100
Realized $85


We found these single imperforates particularly interesting and had no previous record of their existence.

It’s always a pleasure to review the results of Lex De Ment’s auctions!

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