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4 June, 2010 - H.R. Harmer Inc.

Harmer’s 2010 summer sale took place recently at Costa Mesa, California. Our eyes opened wide when we saw this amazing mint copy of Canada’s first stamp:


Scott 1 Mint

Lot 3129
Scott 1
Catalogue $30,000
Realized $42,000

This copy came without gum and had four of the nicest borders one could wish for. It is not unusual for early mint copies of Canada`s stamps to have no gum. Since 1985, we have recorded the sale of ten copies of Scott 1 in mint condition. Of these, only two had gum. A year ago, a copy without gum sold for a record price of $50,350. This copy sold for the second best price in the past 25 years.

How hard would it be to acquire a Scott 1 in mint condition? Say that in 1995, a collector decided he had to have one of these stamps for his collection and it had to be a VF copy without flaws. He would have only had two chances to buy one in the following 15 years and he would have needed to be prepared to better the above price prices of $42,000 and $50,350. If he also wanted a copy that had some trace of gum, he would still be waiting because none of these have been offered for sale since 1987.


Other Canadian Stamps Of Interest

Lot 3156
Scott 30e
Catalogue $375
Realized $840


There is so much to admire about the above stamp. It came in the scarce deep blue shade and was remarkably well centered. We think we can see a position dot in the lower left corner. What we liked most about it was the nice clear date stamp, showing the date March 23 1895. The price realized of well over double catalogue is the best price we have recorded for a used copy. To be honest, it’s the only price we have recorded, but because it is so high, we’re calling it a new record.


Lot 3173
Scott 41 NH
Catalogue $60
Realized $394

Lot 3175
Scott 41b NH
Catalogue $475
Realized $761



Lot 3186
Scott 45 VLH
Catalogue $625
Realized $472


Lot 3187
Scott 45c NG
Catalogue $750
Realized $945

Lot 3188
Unitrade 45i LH
Catalogue $750
Realized $1,250




Lot 3231
Scott 387a
Catalogue $12,000
Realized $11,550


The above copy of the “inverted seaway” was nicely centered for this popular variety and NH. It sold for a new record price, just beating the previous record of $11,198, set three months ago.


US Inverted Jenny


Lot 1761
Scott C3a
Estimate $250,000-300,000
Realized $180,000


We couldn’t ignore the sale at the Harmer auction of this “Inverted Jenny”. It had some condition issues. Two copies were offered in the sale and sold for $145,000 and $180,000 respectively. In addition, a block of four sold for $1,700. The fact it was a forgery, engraved in Germany, explains the low price. Harmer described it as ``a wonderful space filler!

Our hats off to H. R. Harmer for a most interesting auction. The Canadian section was impressive.

This sale had 2 new record prices

Scott No.
Previous NRP
15¢ LQ deep blue shade
5¢ Inverted Seaway


The prices realized for the Canadian material were converted at the rate of $1US = $1.05 Cdn.





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