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7 April , 2011 - Harmer's International, Inc.

This sale took place in New York City in early April. Included in the sale was a small but significant group of early Canadian covers. What caught our attention about these covers was how high the prices realized were compared to the auctioneer’s estimates. Here are 4 of the covers. All prices are in $US.

Lot 332
Estimate $3,000-4,000
Realized $11,500

Canada, 1868, 15¢ gray (Scott 30), used from St. Pierre & Miquelon, tied by oval grid and North Sydney C.B. JU 14 1869 cds on folded letter (date lined SPM 13 JUIN) bearing numerous French/GB transits, "GB 40c" large "10" collect 2 line Paid-Only /To England (paid by 15¢ Queen), and reverse Sydney and red London transits and Granville receiver, ex Pratt.


Lot 333
Estimate $2,000-3,000
Realized $9,000


Canada, 1868-76 Large Queens 15¢ gray and 1¢ yellow orange (Scott 30, 23), fine copies tied by HALIFAX DE 31 70 duplex cancels on folded letter sheet bearing blue Atherton Hughes DEC 8 1890 St Pierre Miquelon cds. Calais and red London transits and red "PD" in oval, on reverse CETTE 25 JANU 71 receiver., ex Pratt, 1963 BPA Cert.


Lot 334
Estimate $350-500
Realized $325


Canada, 1868 Large Queen ½¢ black + 1872 Small Queen 2¢ green (Scott 36, 21), ½¢ pair center perfs touch, Small Queen 2¢ VF, all tied by cork cancels on envelope bearing weak Presque Isle OC 9 77 cds and on revese, transit and Hampton receiver. Attractive 2 issue cover.

Lot 335
Estimate $300-400
Realized $7,000


Canada, 1870-89 Small Queen 3¢ orange red pair together with Nfld 1887 3¢ dark blue pair (Scott 37, Nfld 49b), the former cancelled by grid the latter tied by pen cancels, all on envelope with a few tears, bearing St. Pierre et Miquelon 15 MARS 75 cds strikes, Harbor-Grace receiver, on reverse Nova Scotia transits. Fascinating documentation of the travails of the cover on exhibition page, ex Pratt.

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