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21 January , 2015 - Eastern Auctions Limited

Welcome to 2015 and our first review of the New Year. We hope it will be as exciting a year as 2014, with its discovery in Canada of one of our rarest stamps and with the sale in the United States of the world’s most valuable stamp.

We couldn’t help noticing this unusual example of the 3¢ Small Queen

Lot 1346
Scott 41a
Estimate $350
Realized $255

This stamp came in the rose carmine shade. It had a double row of perforations at the top and also at the bottom. When we see stamps like this, we always ask ourselves if this error happened by mistake or was made on purpose by someone secretly at the printers. The stamp had part original gum and was hinged. It certainly shows a beautiful depiction of Queen Victoria.


2¢ Numeral – Imperforate pair

Lot 1392
Scott 77d
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $505


This is the 7th time in the past 10 years that this pair has sold for around $500, or about 1/3rd its catalogue value. By contrast, in 2007, a pair sold for $1,025 and, in 2008, another pair sold for $1,800. The above low price is a bit surprising, especially for a stamp of this quality. It was ungummed, as issued, and came with nice large margins.

35¢ Christmas Error

Lot 1636
Scott 841a
Scott $1,250
Realized $885

This stamp was issued in 1979. Within a year, the above variety with its gold and tagging missing, made its appearance. It was another 12 years before another copy came to auction. Since then it has appeared regularly, selling for prices ranging from $350 to $1,285. Many copies are centered slightly left as is this one. This copy was described as VF NH.


17¢ Mandora – Triple Error Variety

Lot 1637
Unitrade 878i
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $718

Only 200 of this error have been found. It was printed on the gum side and is missing both its tagging and its gold colour. Eastern commented that many examples of the variety were either creased or damaged. This copy was VF NH and in exceptional condition.

In the past, copies of this stamp have traded regularly at prices ranging from a high of $1,250 in 2009 to a low of $325 in 2012. While it was issued in 1981, the first example of the variety only appeared at auction in 1999, some 18 years later.

52¢ Year of the Pig


Lot 1684
Scott 2201a
Estimate $900
Realized $517

Here is another example of a stamp missing its gold colour. It was VF NH. We see examples regularly at auction. Most are imprint blocks like this one which was VF NH. Believe it or not, in 2009, an imprint block sold for $48.


10¢ Postage Due

Lot 1725
Scott J10a
Catalogue $5,500
Realized $1,727


Pairs and blocks of 4 of this stamp have appeared regularly at auction in the past three years. Almost all were centered to the right like this one. Over the years, NH blocks have sold for from $1,000 to $4,725. In 2014, a simple pair, not a block, sold for $2,100. What attracted that high price was the fact that, unlike most copies, it was NH and relatively well centered.



Here we are again with a small group of perfins that sold for good solid prices. All three are used.

Lot 1773
Scott OA135
Catalogue $525
Realized $530

Lot 1802
Scott OA159
Catalogue $600
Realized $440



Lot 1835
Scott OA208
Estimate $225
Realized $315


Special Delivery - First Day Cover

Lot 2156
Scott E8
Estimate $125
Realized $176


We couldn’t help noticing this beautiful cover in the Eastern catalogue. Whoever sent it knew what they were doing and made sure it was carefully handled at the Post Office. We so admire a cover like this, which is so precisely cancelled right in the middle of the block.


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Eastern’s next sale will be a public auction to be held in Halifax on February 20, 2015

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