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26 November , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We were in Cancun, Mexico as we wrote this review of Eastern’s final auction in 2014.It was definitely a nicer place to be working on stamps than back home in freezing Montreal. Eastern was good enough to send us the images we needed before we left. We start off our commentary with this 5¢ Small Queen with its huge margins:

Lot 1453
Scott 42
Estimate $75
Realized $50

While the price realized may not seem impressive, we think the stamp definitely is. It is postmarked Cloyne, Ontario and dated Feb. 6, 1896. What a beauty!

Edward VII



Lot 1536
Scott 91
Catalogue $550
Realized $950

Lot 1541
Scott 91
Catalogue $220
Realized $260

It is interesting to see how collectors treat two copies of the same stamp when they have slightly different properties. The 1st copy above was the type serious collectors go for which is VF NH. The 2nd is in a slightly lower category since, while being described as a Gem, is LH. Sixty years ago, NH vs LH didn’t seem to be that important, but it certainly is now and a comparison of the above prices clearly shows this.

George V. Coils


Lot 1629
Scott 123
Catalogue $250
Realized $240

Lot 1642
Scott 133
Catalogue $75
Realized $65


Here are two more for comparison. Both are considered to be rare and collectible judging from their catalogue values and the prices they usually realize at auction. However a comparison of the prices vs. catalogue above shows a greater to closeness to catalogue for the first and a bit less so for the second, even though it seems better centered.

Canadian Perfins

Collectors of Canadian perfins continue to show great interest when examples of this specialized area are offered at auction. Eastern presented a large selection in its November sale. Here are a few interesting examples:



Lot 1874
Scott O245
Catalogue $320
Realized $75

Lot 1879
Scott 0246 NH
Estimate $250
Realized $161


These two were VF NH


Lot 1973
Scott OA 194
Catalogue $525
Realized $450

Lot 2024
Scott OAC1
Catalogue $300
Realized $375


These two were used and clearly drew better bids. Part of their attraction was the fact they were so nicely cancelled.

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Eastern’s next sale will be a public auction to be held in Halifax on February 20, 2015

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