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16 October , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

This auction was held during our vacation in Florida which is why this report is a bit late. Happily for Eastern, things went well and the sale was most successful. The sale, which had three parts, was the firm’s largest ever, with total proceeds amounting to almost $2,500,000 including buyer’s premium. In addition there were eight new record prices.

Here are some highlights from the Harvey Poole Collection.

10 Pence Cartier Pair

Lot 65
Scott 7a
Catalogue $24,000
Realized $28,000

Eastern described this, quite appropriately, as a spectacular mint pair. What was special for a stamp this old, was that it had full and unusually intact original gum, a bit of disturbed on the top stamp.

10 Cent Albert - "String of Pearl" Variety

Lot 77
Scott 17c,iv
Estimate $20,000
Realized $13,500

This was a very rare stamp with excellent perforations. It came with large part original gum. Only 2 other copies with gum have sold in the past 10 years.

13¢ Royal Yacht Britannica

Lot 214
Unitrade 216i
Estimate $7,500
Realized $13,000

What a beauty with its large margins and what a price! It comes from a recent discovery and shows the “Shilling Mark” plate variety. Eastern believes it is unique.

$1 Chateau de Ramzay

Lot 224
Scott 245a
Catalogue $6,000
Realized $5,000


Collectors dream of stamps like this. It was XF NH and, as can be seen, had wonderfully large margins. We have recorded only 3 other copies in the past 10 years. We envy the successful bidder.


General Collection


2¢ Large Queen on Laid Paper - The newly discovered 3rd Copy

Lot 1193
Scott 32
Catalogue $200,000
Realized $215,000

Without any question, this was the star of the Eastern auction in Halifax. Much has been written about its discovery in 2013 by U.S. collector, Michael D. Smith in an American Philatelic Society sales book. Leading experts that Eastern has consulted agree that this is the finest of the three known copies


6¢ Small Queen - An Amazing Imperforate Plate Strip of 20 Stamps

Lot 1349
Scott 43b
Estimate $15,000
Realized $14,500


How gorgeous is this! It was NH and so special to look at. Eastern dropped a hint to potential bidders in noting that it was “an outstanding plate multiple and fabulous showpiece for a Small Queen Issue exhibit. “ We looked at it many times as we flipped though the catalogue.


50¢ Bluenose - "Man on the Mast" Variety

Lot 1431
Unitrade 158iii
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $7,250


This was NH and a choice copy of the “Man on the Mast” variety. The 50¢ Bluenose is so well known to collectors at home and abroad, but few ever get a chance to bid on such a perfect example of this rare variety of the stamp. Four years ago, a copy sold for the then record price of $4,750. In this sale, the new record price increased by over 50%.


Registered Stamp Varieties

Lot 1477
Unitrade F1i
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $575

Lot 1478
Unitrade F3a
Catalogue $ 5,000
Realized $3,000

The above 2¢ registered stamp was NH and showed the “burr” variety. The 8¢ stamp was the bright blue colour variety rather than the regular blue. It was NH with a minor natural corner bend. Both sold for record prices.

Postage Due - Part Imperforate

Lot 1479
Scott J10a
Catalogue $2,750
Realized $2,100

This is one of our favorite imperforates. In almost all cases it is badly centered. This copy, while not perfect, is far better than most and, not surprisingly, drew a strong bid, well up from the previous best price of $850.

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This sale had 8 new record prices:

Previous NRP
3p Beaver "cracked plate" variety
1¢ Numeral blue green
2¢ Numeral die I
50¢ Bluenose "Man on the mist"
17¢ QEII - imperforate pair
2¢ Registered "burred" variety
8¢ Registered bright blue
10¢ Postage Due, imperf. horizontally


Eastern’s next sale date is yet to be determined

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