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8 October , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

After a quiet September, it is nice to get back to an active auction scene again. There’s lots happening in October, as described in our latest Commentary No. 183. Just one Canadian stamp, offered in the October 18th Eastern sale, stands out in our mind, and that is the sale of the recently discovered 3rd copy of Scott 32, the 2¢ Large Queen on laid paper. It sold for $215,000 against a Scott catalogue value of $200,000.

In this sale, we found the following two mini collections of great interest and note that both sold for more than their estimates.

Canadian Pre-Cancels

Lot 2433
Estimate $350
Realized $860

This was a great starter collection of approximately 400 different bar and city types.


Perfin Collection

Lot 2434
Estimate $600
Realized $625

This collection included 5 albums containing several hundred Canadian perfin stamps from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. Its acquisition gives the new owner an excellent opportunity to begin this fascinating study with the tedious organizational steps taken care of.

2¢ Numeral - Imperforate Pair

Lot 2509
Scott 77d
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $692

Unitrade states that there were 500 Die II Imperforate stamps without gum sold at the ABNC archives sale in 1990. Prior to that sale, there were only a few pairs known. According to our records, prices for these pairs have varied widely over the past 10 years, from $475 to $1,800. The above price is representative of the prices in recent years.


20¢ Grain Exhibition Overprint

Lot 2668
Scott 203
Catalogue $80
Realized $32

What a lovely copy of this stamp with its clear overprint. It was issued in 1933 and so is within the period in which there is normally lots of demand for VF NH stamps. We find it curious that it went for such a low price. Of course there were 1,560,000 of them issued, so it could be there is still a good supply available to collectors.

For the record, the price 10 years ago in the Scott’s catalogue was $50. So, even with the appreciation recognized in the catalogue to $80 today, it seems the demand is soft, at least for the moment.

52¢ Year of the Pig

Lot 2768
Scott 2201a
Estimate $900
Realized $517

This was a VF NH imprint block of 4 of the Year of the Pig stamp issued to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2007. It is the variety that is missing the gold colour.

We reviewed our 10 year records for imprint blocks of this stamp and found that the prices ranged from a high of $1,005 back in 2007 to a low of $48 at a sale in 2009, which is pretty amazing. More recently, prices have been roughly averaging $150, so the above $517 can be considered a strong bid.



10¢ Postage Due – Rare Imperforate

Lot 2788
Scott J10a
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $1,727

Only one sheet of this stamp was issued imperforate horizontally and all were centered to the right. This block sold for a good price, in fact the best for a block since 2006. While this block was NH, it was clearly off centre. But, as Unitrade notes, most pairs of this imperforate are badly off centre. In fact, since 2006, we have only recorded one pair that was reasonably will centered and it sold at an Eastern sale a year ago.


17¢ Special Delivery Perfin

Lot 2849
Scott OE9
Catalogue $400
Realized $650

This was an outstanding copy of this rare perfin. It was VF NH and beautifully centered.

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