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27 August , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

As we sit at our desk thinking about this sale, we can’t help but realize that summer is over in this part of Canada. Despite this, it is a hot 31 degrees Celsius in Montreal and in 3 months there will be snow on the ground. On a more positive note, what we noticed about this sale were a number of VF NH stamps from the 1900–1930 period, together with a large offering of perfins which continue to attract strong bidding.

Early Numerals

Lot 1587
Scott 71
Catalogue $325
Realized $375

Lot 1590
Scott 72
Catalogue $750
Realized $850


Both these stamps are hard to find like this in VF NH condition.


Edward VII

Lot 1638
Scott 91
Catalogue $220
Realized $230

Lot 1652
Scott 95
Catalogue $900
Realized $525


The 2¢ Edward VII was lightly hinged and, as can be seen, had unusually large borders. The 50¢ was also lightly hinged. We don’t usually pay attention to the LH stamps of this set, but thought these two were definitely worth it.


Lot 1669
Scott 104
Catalogue $55
Realized $75

Lot 1697
Scott 109
Catalogue $37
Realized $50

These two stamps were VF NH and were excellent examples from the Admiral set. That they didn’t attract higher prices is likely attributable to the fact they were very slightly off centre. This isn’t apparent from looking at them, but can be seen by the old trick of turning them upside down.



There were many interesting perfins in this sale and they went for strong prices. A few examples follow:

Lot 2083
Scott O236
Catalogue $150
Realized $245

You will note that only the top copy has a perfin.

Lot 2147
Scott OA145
Catalogue $525
Realized $345


This stamp sold for $345. If it had been a regular used stamp without the perfin, its Scott value would have been $6.50. This is very interesting and makes you want to go back to those old stamps some of us store away for a rainy day and have another look at them

Lot 2158
Scott OA167
Estimate $300
Realized $220


Here is another example of a pair of stamps in which only the top stamp has a perfin. Without the perfin, the two stamps would have had a total Scott value of $0.50. What a difference a few holes make!

Lot 2180
Scott OA194
Catalogue $350
Realized $350

It’s not often a stamp sells for its exact catalogue price. This is especially so for an off-centre copy with a relatively heavy cancel. But, this perfin must rarely come to auction, making it much sought after.

Lot 2216
Scott OAC3
Catalogue $450
Realized $650

These “back of the book” perfins must be particularly scarce. Their catalogue values are high as are the prices realized, like this one.

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Eastern’s next sale will be a Public Auction to be held from October 16 to 18, 2014 in Halifax.

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