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16 July , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We review stamp auctions on a regular basis and are used to the patterns these sales reflect. There’s lots of money available for the top premium early stamps and not so much for the rest. But, we’ve noticed two recent developments. First, a renewed interest in early used nicely cancelled stamps. Second, a similar interest in stamps with perfins. Some examples of these are found in this sale and are shown below.

Early Cancelled Stamps

Lot 1425
Scott 23
Estimate $125
Realized $185

Lot 1426
Scott 23
Estimate $250
Realized $110


Clearly the bidders preferred a nicely dated stamp over one with a two-ring numeral cancel, even though the latter had superior centering. The beautiful date stamp on the first lot is truly to be admired.

3¢ Small Queen – Double Perfs

Lot 1448
Scott 41a
Estimate $350
Realized $375

This stamp is quite unusual. First it is in the later rose carmine shade. Second, as is obvious, it has a double row of perforations.It must have been hard to estimate its value. A regular Scott 41 mint has a catalogue value of $70, and a Scott 41a, of $525. How is one to come up with an estimate for an off-centre copy with double perfs. We think Eastern did a pretty good job.

5¢ Admiral – Thin Paper Variety

Lot 1558
Scott 112a
Catalogue $87
Realized $95


Here is a very fine NH copy of the 5¢ Admiral variety on thin paper which seldom appears at auction. We have only recorded the sale of one other VF NH copy in the past 5 years and it sold for $240. The lucky bidder in this sale did very well.

4¢ George V

Lot 1636
Unitrade 198i
Catalogue $160
Realized $115


Five years ago, the Unitrade Catalogue showed a price of $150 for this “brownish ochre shade” variety. Today, as indicated above, it is only $160. This is surprising to us as this is a popular stamp with bidders. A careful look at the centering of the above copy shows it to be slightly shifted to the right. How rare is it? Clearly it is rare as the last copy we have recorded was back in 1999.


39¢ Canadian Folklore – Imperforate Block

Lot 1707
Scott 1292b
Catalogue $2,000
Realized $950

There is nothing rare about this block which appears regularly at auction. Although the above price realized was well below catalogue, it is generally consistent with other prices for this block in recent years. Unitrade notes that there are only 50 blocks like this.


Lot 1763
Scott O224
Catalogue $300
Realized $340

Lot 1843
Scott OA202
Catalogue $150
Realized $100


Lot 1864
Scott OC5
Estimate $250
Realized $525

Lot 1868
Scott OE9
Catalogue $400
Realized $775


What wonderful prices for these perfins!

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Eastern's next sale will be a mail sale to be held on August 27, 2014.

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