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4 June , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

There’s no question, most collectors prefer mint stamps. They’re so neat and clean. But, many of us treasure beautifully cancelled used stamps as well. They’re not usually “neat and clean”, but they can be very attractive and their cancellations can contain valuable information that mint stamps don’t hint at.

We found a number of nicely cancelled stamps in this sale:

Lot 1524
Scott 22a
Catalogue $500
Realized $350

Lot 1525
Scott 22b
Catalogue $140
Realized $85


Lot 1575
Scott 42
Catalogue $5
Realized $38

Lot 1586
Scott 47
Catalogue $85
Realized $55


Lot 1620
Scott 62
Catalogue $600
Realized $305


Lot 1714
Scott 99
Catalogue $70
Realized $65

Lot 1716
Scott 100
Catalogue $100
Realized $70


Admiral Coils


Lot 1818
Scott 124
Catalogue $60
Realized $75

Lot 1828
Scott 127 NH
Catalogue $80
Realized $220


How nice these two are, so well centered and with nice margins. Admiral coils have always been popular with collectors and their prices show it. A number of them had price increases in the latest Scott catalogue.



Lot 2215
Scott OA246 NH
Catalogue $250
Realized $120

Lot 2244
Scott OA156
Catalogue $450
Realized $550

Lot 2268
Scott OA 216
Catalogue $375
Realized $525

We continue to marvel at the popularity of these stamps with perfins. We find them particularly attractive and can well understand their desirability with collectors. At the same time, their values, when compared to the values for regular stamps, is surprising. Here are some comparative catalogue figures for the above 3 stamps:

Regular Stamps
Perfin Stamps
156 (U)
216 (U)
246 NH

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Eastern's next sale will be a mail sale to be held on July 16, 2014.

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