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29 May , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

The Montclair Collection

This was, in our experience, one of the best collections of Canadian stamps we have seen in some time. While it contained many XF NH stamps, bidders were cautioned that some of the rare stamps offered simply do not exist anywhere in top condition. They were asked to read the descriptions carefully to understand how some of the stamps, while not in top condition, were the best or next to best that existed. Taking these cautionary words into account, we were truly impressed by what was offered. The sale had a total of 42 new record prices. See New Record Prices for details.

Scott 1

We start off with a remarkable copy of Canada's first stamp, issued in 1851.


Lot 1
Scott 1
Catalogue $35,000
Realized $67,000

This is one of the rarest of all B.N.A. stamps in sound mint condition and the first Eastern has offered in years. It was VF OG and sold for $67,000, a record price.

Scott 7a – 10p Cartier

Lot 16
Scott 7a
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $24,000


Eastern was eloquent in its description of this stamp, calling it "an extremely fine mint original gum example of this highly sought-after classic stamp." It was XF OG. It sold for double the previous record price of $12,487, set back to 2005.

7 ½p Victoria


Lot 20
Scott 9
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $13,500

This is a lovely example of one of our favorite early Canadian stamps. It was VF OG, but the gum was slightly disturbed in places. Its provenance was ex Caspary. We truly envy the new owner.


Lot 53
Scott 18b
Catalogue $5,000
Realized $5,750

This beautiful imperforate pair was VF and ungummed as issued. It received a strong price, beating the previous record of $4,455, set in 2008.


½¢ Large Queen on Watermarked Paper


Lot 66
Scott 21b
Catalogue $18,500
Realized $19,000

Eastern had so many things to say about this rare stamp. It said “without question, the half cent watermarked is amongst the rarest stamps in all of Canadian philately.” It was unused, i.e. had no gum, had a tiny pinhole at top left and came with full perforations and characteristic uncleared perf discs associated with Bothwell paper. It came from the John Sivert’s Collection and was accompanied by a 1998 Greene Foundation certificate.


2¢ Numeral –Tete-Beche Strip


Lot 190
Unitrade 77ei
Estimate $5,000
Realized $3,500

This unusual strip had everything. It was imperforate, unused, tete-beche, had full sheet margins at each end and originated from a rare booklet sheet.


Port Hood – Bisected & Handstamped Provisionals

Lot 212
Scott 88B-88C
Catalogue $15,500
Realized $26,000

As Eastern notes, mint copies of these provisionals are of tremendous rarity. Most known copies are postally used on covers. These bisects were produced during a shortage of stamps at Port Hood, Nova Scotia in 1899. The above pair came from the Dale Lichtenstein and Mount Royal collections.

The 1¢ overprint on the left stamp is not apparent, but traces of it could be seen by Eastern upon close examination.

50¢ Bluenose – Imperforate Pair variety

Lot 334
Unitrade 158iv
Estimate $15,000
Realized $15,000

This pair is called the "Man on the Mast" variety because of a small mark on the crest of the top forward sail. It is XF NH and possibly unique according to Eastern. We do not have a record of a previous sale of an imperforate pair of this variety.


20¢ Grain Exhibition - Imperforate Variety

Lot 342
Unitrade 203ii
Catalogue $10,000
Realized $10,000

It is interesting that both lot 334 above and this lot sold for their exact estimates. This rare block is not only imperforate, but it had the broken “X” variety and is NH. The last record we have of a sale of a block of this variety was back in 2004 when the same block sold as part of the Midland Collection for $7,532.

5¢ Registered - Imperforate Pair

Lot 429
Scott F2c
Catalogue $1,700
Realized $1,600


What a beauty it was, VF+ NH with large margins and a portion of the plate imprint in the sheet margin. Although the price realized is a new record, we note that in recent years the prices paid for this particular imperforate pair have been less than stellar. Some stamps are like this for reasons that are not clear to us.

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Eastern's next sale will be a mail sale to be held on July 16, 2014.

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