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23 April , 2014 - Eastern Auctions Limited

We do not recall seeing so many blocks and multiples in a sale as there were in this one. We feature in the comments below one of our favorites, “The Weeping Princess”. We also found it interesting to review the results of Eastern’s most recent contest. A review of the winners gives us an indication of where they live in Canada and the U.S.:

1st Prize – Collector in California
2nd Prize – Collector in Montana
3rd Prize - Collector in Florida
4th Prizes – 6 Collectors in Canada and 4 in the U.S.

It is clear there is a strong interest in Eastern’s auctions in both Canada and the U.S.

We now start our review with these 2 Large Queens:


Lot 1460
Scott 23
Catalogue $225
Realized $100

Lot 1461
Scott 24a
Catalogue $425
Realized $200

We must admit that at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about these two stamps. This isn’t surprising as they don’t really stand out and the Queen’s face is partially obscured on each of them. But in fact each one is special from a philatelic point of view. The first one, the one cent orange, has a clear “13” two ring cancel and we suspect this is why the bidder chased it. The two cent green is printed on watermarked paper, which makes it 4x more valuable than the regular stamp.

½¢ Small Queens

Lot 1475
Unitrade 34
Catalogue $75
Realized $85

Lot 1477
Unitrade 34i
Catalogue $75
Realized $40

It is not often we get a chance to see the two shade varieties of the half-cent Small Queen side by side. Both were NH. The copy on the left was the regular black shade and that on the right, the grey black shade.



Lot 1615
Scott 112a
Catalogue $75
Realized $115

Lot 1643
Scott 122
Catalogue $240
Realized $161


Here we have two examples from the Admiral set, one of Canada’s more popular sets with bidders. We chose these two because they were ever so slightly off centre and we emphasize the word slightly. However the bidders must have focused on their centering, judging from the prices realized which were modest at best.


The “Weeping Princess”

Lot 1695
Scott 211i
Catalogue $160
Realized $105

This was such a beautiful example of the Weeping Princess and, as Eastern notes, it is seldom seen used. Clearly the postal clerk took care in cancelling the block. The cancellation is perfectly centered and is not a heavy one. The tear appears below the eye of the Princess in the upper left stamp in the block. It has been our experience that this particular variety seldom attracts a strong price. This is certainly the case above.


Lot 1873
Scott 0223
Catalogue $300
Realized $230

Lot 1885
Scott 0246
Catalogue $250
Realized $155


Here are 2 perfins from the 1930s. Both were VF NH. The prices may not be impressive when compared to their catalogue values, but they certainly are when compared to the values for the regular stamps. This is what we find so special about these perfins. It shows there is a solid market for them. What is the regular Scott price for a non-perfin? In the case of the above 10¢ Mountie, it is $10.50 and for the 1¢ Royal Visit, it is $0.35.

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Eastern’s next sale is a public auction taking place May 29-30, 2014 in Halifax. It is being held in connection with the annual show of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and features The Montclair Collection of Canadian Postage Stamps.

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