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9 October , 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

It is so nice to see early Canadian stamps that are well centered. Examples are rare but here are two that caught our eye:


Lot 3535
Scott 18a
Catalogue $125
Realized $160

This 12 1/2¢ showing the early image of Queen Victoria came in the blue green shade. The stamps in this set had unusually narrow margins making it very difficult to centre them, but this one did pretty well. It shows part of a foreign receiving cancel in red.

Lot 3540
Scott 25b
Catalogue $40
Realized $95


What a lovely copy. It too featured an early image of the Queen. It was printed on thin paper and came with light concentric rings cancellation. We like the way the cancel is so light, one can easily see through it. It sold over two times catalogue.


1¢ Small Queen - Imperforate Block

Lot 3544
Scott 35b
Catalogue $950
Realized $500

Although not in top condition, it is not often a sheet margin block appears at auction. It came with good margins and a lovely bright colour. It had a couple of minor thin specks and was VF OG. The block was ex. Ted Nikon.


6¢ & 8¢ Maple Leafs - NH

Lot 3565
Scott 71
Catalogue $325
Realized $475

Lot 3568
Scott 72
Catalogue $750
Realized $850


Here are two VF NH stamps from the Maple Leaf set. Their centering was better than usual and the bidders`prices reflected that.


Quebec Tercentenary

Lot 3600
Scott 100
Catalogue $100
Realized $114

Here`s another example of a used stamp which has been lightly cancelled selling for more then catalogue. It was judged to be XF by Eastern, but unfortunately had one nibbled perf.

7¢ Admiral

Lot 3634
Scott 113
Catalogue $110
Realized $165

This is perhaps the finest of the stamps in our review. It was XF NH and sold for well over catalogue which is no surprise for a stamp from the Admiral set in this condition.

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