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28 August , 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

How sad, the summer is over! The kids are back in school. People on this side of the border are beginning to think of vacations in Florida this coming winter.

Speaking of the USA, Eastern noted that the sale included a small but nice selection of United States stamps owned by a collector with a good eye for choosing stamps with superior centering and freshness of colour. Here are a few:

U.S. Stamps


Lot 1259
Scott 231c NH
Catalogue $150
Realized $110


Lot 1292
Scott 350 VLH
Catalogue $1,175
Realized $505


Lot 1293
Scott 353 NH
Catalogue $550
Realized $250

Lot 1305
Scott 385 NH
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $517

Lot 1325
Scott 487 NH
Catalogue $250
Realized $92


Canadian Stamps


3¢ Large Queen – Colour & Paper Variety

Lot 1619
Scott 30c
Catalogue $1,600
Realized $1,150

This is the deep violet shade on very thick paper variety. We have seen quite a few of this variety sold in the past year which is a bit surprising for such a rare variety. This copy was described as completely sound, which is rare for this stamp due to the fragile nature of the paper.

A regular used copy of Scott 30 has a catalogue value of $60. The above used copy of the Scott 30c variety has a value of $1600. That’s quite a spread.

Scott 77d - Die II Variety

Lot 1647
Scott 77d
Catalogue $1,800
Realized $885

Here is another variety. A regular 2¢ imperforate pair, die I, has a catalogue value of $475, while the above die II has a value of $1800. The difference in the dies is found in the frame lines that surround the stamp. As explained in Unitrade, die I has 4 very thin lines, whereas die II has one thick line between two thin lines.

Some people may not find these comments very interesting. But no one was bored when a 3rd copy of Canada’s Scott 32 with a catalogue value of $200,000 was recently discovered by a collector in the U.S. It was printed on laid paper rather than the more common wove paper. Little details can be important in our hobby.


3¢ Confederation

Lot 1704
Scott 135
Catalogue $120
Realized $75

What a bargain! Eastern described this stamp as XF NH. This may be a bit generous as it appears slightly centered to the left. Despite this, it is a lovely copy of this stamp, definitely better than most.


3¢ Overprint

Lot 1740
Scott 203
Catalogue $60
Realized $65


Here is a copy that is VF NH and very well centered with excellent perfs. It was issued in 1933 to celebrate the World’s Grain Exhibition and Conference in Regina. Whoever bought this got a gem at a reasonable price.


48¢ Vancouver Overprint

Lot 1817
Scott 1991var
Estimate $850
Realized $575

This is the 4th copy we have recorded of this imperforate variety of a stamp originally issued in 2003. The first imperforate appeared at auction back in 2005 and the last one a year ago. Prices have ranged from $625 to $909, so the above price is at the low end of things.

This completes our review of the sale. For further details, please click on the highlights button.



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