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10 July , 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

This sale was held in the middle of the summer when the weather was hot and most people were relaxed. Well, not entirely relaxed, we are all waiting for the birth of a Royal baby who turned out to be Prince George, a future king.


Large Queens - Nicely Canceled

Lot 1759
Scott 23
Estimate $250
Realized $150

Lot 1761
Scott 25b
Estimate $100
Realized $50


We always pay special attention when an auction house provides an estimate rather than a catalogue value. That tips us off that there’s something special to look for.

What was special about the above 1¢ Large Queen was the nice clear well placed postmark. One can easily see the date, Jan. 18, 1870 and the fact the envelope was posted in Toronto. How rare these are. The actual catalogue value is $225.

The above 3¢ stamp was special for two reasons. First it was very nicely centered. This isn’t easy to do when the margins are so narrow. Second, it had a beautiful light concentric ring cancellation, so light that it allowed the features of the stamp to show through clearly. It has a catalogue value of $40. The buyer did well.


Maple Leafs

Lot 1795
Scott 71
Catalogue $325
Realized $402

Lot 1800
Scott 72
Catalogue $750
Realized $948


Here are two good examples from the much sought after Maple Leaf set. Neither is perfectly centered, but both are VF NH. When placed side by side, it is clear that the 6¢ is better centered than the 8¢ and yet the 8¢ receive more of a premium. Interesting!

2¢ Overprint – A Gem

Lot 1815
Scott 87
Catalogue $45
Realized $50

We have looked at and inspected this stamp a number of times. It looks so good. It has everything you want in the stamp. It is VF NH and has good perforations. We were surprised that it only went for $50, barely over catalogue. Once again, we must recognize that prices at auction cannot be anticipated. That’s what makes auctions so interesting.

10¢ Quebec Tercentenary



Lot 1842
Scott 101a
Catalogue $650
Realized $690

What a beautiful imperforate pair this is. It is a 10¢ Tercentenary sheet margin Imperforate pair. It sold for about its catalogue value. Whew....seems like we’re back to normal.

Unlisted Modern Variety

Black Watch Imperforate Booklet Pane issued in 2012.

Lot 2062
Scott 2578var
Catalogue $450
Realized $475

This is one of the most attractive stamps Canada has issued in recent years. We congratulate Canada Post on its excellent choice of subject and how it portrayed the stamps in such a special fashion.

The above pane of 4 comes from the booklet and is imperforate. It is the first example of this variety that we can recall. The bidder must be anticipating that a number of other imperforate panes like this will surface to bid such a modest amount.

This completes a review of this auction. For more details, please check on the highlights button.


Eastern's next sale will be held on August 28, 2013.

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