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29 May , 2013 - Eastern Auctions Limited

In our recently issued Commentary No. 167, we reviewed the prices paid for some of the nicely cancelled used stamps issued by Canada between 1897 and 1930. This sale contained some high value Jubilees with nice postmarks that fitted this category. Here are two examples:


Lot 1567
Scott 63
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $650

Lot 1568
Scott 65
Catalogue $1,000
Realized $725


These were very nicely cancelled and described by Eastern as VF. A number of these Jubilees have sold recently for strong prices. In our view, they are rare and well worth it.

Maple Leafs - Noticeably Strong Prices


Lot 1575
Scott 69
Catalogue $175
Realized $530


We couldn't get over the price paid for this little beauty. It was described as XF NH and perfectly centered. The price was very strong and set a new record, beating the previous record of $450 set in 2008.

This was described as a 5¢ beaver pair, used, with four ring “12” cancellation from Dundas, with a rarity factor of 8. A very nice item. VF.

Lot 1577
Scott 71
Catalogue $325
Realized $725


The above stamp was also described as XF NH but was not quite as well centered. Nonetheless, it drew a strong price, well above catalogue. It was the second best price in the past 10 years.

10¢ Memorial Chamber - Imperforate Pair

Lot 1668
Scott 241c
Catalogue $675
Realized $625

What a perfect pair this was, described as VF NH. It shows the Memorial Chamber in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. We were a bit surprised that a stamp as rare and fine as this would sell for less than its catalogue value. We congratulate the successful bidder for having ever acquired it at such a reasonable price.


OHMS Perfins

Lot 1751
Scott 0246
Catalogue $200
Realized $190

Lot 1754
Scott 0248
Catalogue $250
Realized $260


Both of these stamps were nicely centered VF NH and sold for strong prices. We continue to be impressed by the strength of the market for Canada's perfin stamps.

Canada Bar Pre-Cancels


Lot 2091
Scott T-84-VD
Catalogue $300
Realized $330


What an extraordinary stamp. It was described as “20¢ olive green Numeral issue, Style T, Vertical, double, well centered, very rare pre-cancel, ex Walburn, VF.”

Canadian Plate Blocks

Lot 1815 contained a large collection of plate blocks from the 1960s in a three ring binder. Included were blocks from Scott 445 - 497 with an approximate catalogue value of $2,350. Eastern put an estimate of $600 on it and it went for $450.

We mentioned this to point out that the demand for Canadian plate blocks is not very strong these days. This will be disappointing for collectors like us who have collected these blocks faithfully over the years.


U.S. Imperforates

It must be disappointing for US collectors to see the prices paid for their imperforate pairs. These are regularly sold in Canadian auctions at prices well below catalogue. Here are a few examples from this sale:


Lot 1324
Scott 2130b
Estimate $150
Realized $95


Lot 1332
Scott 2603
Estimate $300
Realized $120


Lot 1334
Scott 2754P
Catalogue $425
Realized $80


All three were described as VF NH.

This completes our comments on this interesting sale. For more details please click on the highlights button.


This sale had one new record price:

Previous NRP
3¢ Maple Leaf


Eastern's next sale will be held on July 10, 2013.

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